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14 October 2022

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Are you looking for online signature software? e Signature software lets users receive, sign, and send documents virtually. Videosign is the best online electronic signature provider for individuals and businesses.

Videosign’s online e signature software offers users the best security features on the market while also helping businesses to improve their efficiency and offer a better customer experience.

Our pioneering e-signature software is an online meeting service that uses artificial intelligence-powered facial recognition software to compare an individual with their passport or driving licence photo to confirm their identity when they sign a contract or legal document online.

Videosign offers users the facility to record video and other evidence like IP addresses and timestamps when remotely witnessing signatures of legal documents.

The facial-recognition software is used to verify the identity of signatories before tamper-proof electronic signatures are made, witnessed by everyone in the meeting and backed up with video and metadata evidence.

Using Videosign means meetings can take place and documents can be signed on the same platform – eliminating the need to switch between different software and offering a seamless, efficient and professional service to clients.
Our ‘Certify’ signature tool

Our unique ‘Certify’ tool allows users to perform a live facial-recognition scan during a video call to confirm identity at the point of the online electronic signature of contracts or other legal documents.

The Certify tool means users can confirm someone’s identity, talk them through the important details of a document, and then make a recording of an electronic signature being made and witnessed, all in a single web-based platform.

Videosign Certify is unique in offering verification at the point of signature to ensure the identity of a signatory is checked against their biometric record.

The evidence collected by Videosign during the signing of a document means there has never been a more secure or verifiable way of signing a document.

As the use of electronic signatures continues to increase, businesses using online signatures for contracts and financial transactions need to know that they are protected from fraud and identity disputes.

Videosign offers the most comprehensive set of security measures available, all accessed through an intuitive platform used via any web browser.

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