Minecraft Ditches Super Duper Graphics Plan

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08 August 2022

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Minecraft ditches Super Duper graphics plan

13 August 2019

Minecraft will be keeping its block-based look for the foreseeable future as plans to update its graphics are cancelled.

In a statement Minecraft developer Mojang said it had ended development on what was known as the Super Duper graphics pack for the game.

The pack would have provided realistic textures, lighting effects, and all-around better graphics.

The pack has proved "too technically demanding" so has been ditched.


The plan to make Minecraft look more realistic was unveiled in 2017 at the E3 games show. The ambitious plan was a downloadable addition that would almost completely eliminate the basic, blocky look and feel of the game.

Mojang claimed that it had developed an add-on program for Minecraft on Xbox. It allowed the game to run at a resolution up to 4K on the console.

The Super Duper addon was originally due to be released in autumn 2017, but it was delayed to 2018, before being cancelled completely in 2019.

It apologized for the technical demands of the update.

It added: "We understand this is disappointing to some people - there was a lot excitement for Super Duper from both inside and out of the studio – but unfortunately, it didn't perform across devices."

Mojang said that it wasn't done with improving Minecraft's look on different game-playing gadgets, and that it would share more information regarding this work soon.


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