Top Arguments for Agencies to Choose Automatic Doors

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01 December 2021

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Today Automatic doors are seen everywhere but why have they been become very popular?

Automatic entrances aren't just a benefit; they've turned into a common site within our hospitals, shopping centres and local shops.

Here is a brief list of main reasons why I really believe the automation of doors is becoming popular.

Reasons why you should BUY AN AUTOMATIC DOOR

Safety- With today's modern sensors and the BS7036:1996 safety standards, doors are extremely safe. Fail safe devices and procedure mean accidents are rare.

Customers prefer automatic doors- Research proves that buyers prefer auto doors and count on seeing them at: hospitals, airports, hotels/motels, shopping centre entrances and stores.

Aesthetics- These types of door can be found in many finishes, from stainless to powdercoating. A properly designed entrance may add significance and stature on your business.

Convenience- enabling quick access for all those and instantly show users that this establishment loves their visitors.

Your image- Automatic doors are impressive and provides your building some status.

Low maintenance- Automatics are really reliable. They are often operated thousands of times a day and continue for a few years without the trouble

Free- In many circumstances, a UK based business, will buy a new entrance towards the quantity of several thousand pounds. This purchase can be a "capital allowance" along with your accountant can depreciate it over a few years. This often equates to the specific tariff of it being negligible. (Please talk to your accountant for exact rules and allowance).

Cost effective- Automatic doors practically pay for themselves considering the force conserving the building's heating and also the increased image and convenience factors to your customers.

DDA compliance- Automatic doors allow unhindered access for all of your customers without persecution irrespective of their mobility.

Work with professionals- Automatic door systems may be complicated and any company attempting to set them up must undergo a vigorous training curriculum and ideally join the "Automatic Door Suppliers Association".

Choice- There are lots of several types of automatic door: swing doors, sliding doors, folding doors, balanced doors, revolving doors and occasional energy swing doors. This means that there's always an answer available to solve your access issues.

Security- Many locking solutions are available within automatic doors. Features such as timers and controlled access mean it is possible to open or close your house without even being present.

Energy Efficient- Automatic doors effectively reduce wasted energy and quite often considerably lessen annual hvac costs.

Diagnostics- Some automatic systems have "self diagnostics". What this means is faults and necessary repairs might be quickly identified. Down time of one's door is, therefore, kept as small as possible.

Information- Systems may be shown count frequency of operations. This allows the consumer to calculate busy trading periods and/or the volume of visitors from the door set.

Advertising space- Often door systems are constructed with slim aluminium sections with vast regions of glass. Use this as a possible additional advertising space on your business.

I know there are possibly more reasons however, this is all I could think about at this time.

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