First Time Sex Stories #5: Sneaky Little Squirt

Author: d8cdc49987

13 October 2021

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The brand new cocktail of Tanya’s milk and her squirt received a mixed reception. Most milk connoisseurs compared it to the biblical milk and honey, asking for more. In their opinion, this was the best human liquid they had ever tasted. A minority found it bitter and vile. Mr. Obutulezi thought another taste might be good for turning this minority of prospective customers into becoming positive. 0 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - Fortunately, I was still two years from my first period. The little devil continued to have stealth orgasms inside me for quite some time, thanks to my ignorance and copiously flowing pussy, but he eventually started ejaculating with enough force and volume for me to feel it. I made him use condoms after that, which he was able to buy from a machine in a men's room at the bowling alley.

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