26 August 2019

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these addons are based based on the assumption you are using default or elvui

on curseforge, make sure you are downloading the wow classic version of the addon (bottom right under recent files)
manage addons ingame (enable/disable, you need to restart game if you're installing new addons)

-Quality of Life -
restores removed interface options
adds text timers to cooldowns, items and buffs
adds little non-text timers on target (good with omni-cc)
tracks swing timers for yourself/target (includes hunter auto-shot and wands)
adds castbars to target frame // timer may not be accurate due to API limitations
lights up ability on hotbar when it procs
loot faster
little free space text on your bagbar
auto sell junk
vendor price
vendor price on crack
clickable links in chat
spells are red if out of range

- UI -
bag addon
map with coords and unfogged zones
map waypoints
larger quest log
more character stats (move speed, repair cost, hit rating, resist, etc)

-da big boiz-
quest addon
quest auto-accepter/tracker/turn-in-er'
azeroth auto pilot has alliance/horde // not sure if actually a GOOD guide
ALLIANCE ONLY level guide // actually good
lightweight feature rich meter // damage done meter > DPS meter
loot tables for dungeons/raids/pvp gear/itemsets/crafting
for onyxia

- fun for release -
tracks highest level top 50 players on realm // unsure if they need to have it installed, you also need to "/join world" for it to sync
a cooler /played

-- other lists


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