Mom and Son-1.

Author: 8aee420857


13 October 2021

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Please stop!" she cried, her voice shaking as tears streamed down her pretty cheeks. "You've raped me and scared me and made me suck a girl's -- a girl's pussy! You won the game! Can't you please leave me alone now? Can't you please let me go?" 0 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - All I know is she suddenly clamped down on my head with her knees, writhed around wildly on my face, screaming out loud. Then a flood of sweetness rushed across my tongue and my face as she screamed out that she was cumming. As she did, she squeezed my hands hard making me squeeze her large tits. Now she just sat on my face for a minute or two before she rolled off of me. I looked at her and she was breathing hard, massaging her tits, her body covered in sweat. She looked at me, "Alex would you be a good son and pull my skirt off." I quickly got up and yanked her skirt off, I basked at the sight of seeing my mom naked, and she had a very nicely shaved pussy, just a small thin strip of pubic hair. She looked at me, "Do you like what you see?" "Yeah mom." She spread her legs showing off her glistening wet pussy lips. With one hand she kept massaging her big tits and with her other hand she spread her cunt lips apart.

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