Rindr Online: Chapter One

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13 October 2021

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After she arrived at home, she put the game code into her virtual reality helmet and waited for it to start downloading. It was a bigger sized game, so she knew it was going to take a while to fully complete the download. While she was waiting, she stripped off her clothes and turned on the shower. Hoping to get the smell of onions and grease off her body, it seemed like no matter how often she took a shower she still smelled like the diner. She stood in the bathroom looking at her body in the mirror. She had nice big tits that were 40 E, she had a little chubby stomach, but was still curvy in all the right places and her pussy was always shaved clean, and she knew she was tight. She liked what she saw, and knew other people liked her body too especially in the short, tight dresses she was supposed to wear at work, even though she didn’t like them. She was always getting hit on by patrons of the diner, even though she didn’t like it. She tolerated it, and flirted with the customers because it got her better tips, and she needed the money. 0 - https://wifeporn.win/ 1 - https://wifeporn.win/c/group-sex/ 2 - https://wifeporn.win/c/drunk/ 3 - https://wifeporn.win/c/toys/ 4 - https://wifeporn.win/c/virtual-reality/ Yep, it is. I just woke up actually. Thankfully I have the day off from work. Anyways, I just wanted to call and talk to you a bit before you logged into the game, so I'm glad I caught you before that.”

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