How to Setup Verizon Server Settings in Outlook?

27 June 2022

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When it comes to email services, Verizon offers a variety of options. You can set up your Verizon account in Outlook and other email applications from third parties to access all of your emails in one location without switching accounts. You can check your emails while using Outlook, so you won't need to log into Verizon to do so. In addition, in order to complete the setup properly, you must be knowledgeable of Verizon email server settings.

I believe the most of you are aware that in 2017 Verizon stopped offering email services and switched everything to AOL. You can still access your Verizon email account by visiting its settings even if you've previously switched from Verizon to AOL or Outlook.

So let's explore all the settings needed to configure Verizon email.

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