Cave Trap Part 2

28 January 2024

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"The hull is breached" he yelled into the whipping storm. Then he took their gear and they climbed onto the rocks to survey the damage. Craig pointed to the spot where a rock had pierced the fiberglass hull. There was a gaping hole on the port side, two feet from the point of the bow. "She’s impaled on a fucking rock and she’s rocking back and forth making it worse".

Miri and Jack looked at each other and almost broke out laughing. "She’s definitely fucked Craig" Said Jack

"Can’t hear you, what"? Miri stood up and walked away as Jack repeated loudly. "She really got fucked". Miri laughed, but her back was turned and her hair was blowing over her face. Then she went into the cabin to change into dry clothes. She had trouble untying the sailors knot that Jack had made and hoped Craig hadn’t noticed it.

As the former shipmates went to work outside she helped herself to a glass of Midori, melon liquor. After that she poured a glass of Jack Daniels and sipped slowly as her thoughts went to Jack, his cock, his sperm shooting into her mouth, and other warm thoughts. She took another sip, put on reading glasses and grabbed a book from the shelf.

Working in that deluge was like being pelted with hand-fills of tiny pebbles. But the boat was soon levered off the protruding rock. Then Craig put her motors in reverse and she was clear. But Miri yelled that the water was coming in through the hole faster.

They quickly found a tiny area where there were no rocks and her bow could be winched up out of the water. They secured the bow anchor to a starboard cleat on the transom, and with the aft anchor on the port side her lateral movement was arrested. It had taken almost an hour. But by sundown the craft was high and dry, and so were the men.

If Jack or Miri felt guilt it was well hidden by their obvious concern for Craig and his boat. "That was good work Jack. Reminds me of our Mt. Baker days. She sure got old fast." He lifted a photo of the ammunition ship from a shelf and blew off the dust. "AE34, the U.S.S. Mt. Baker" he said proudly.

"Remember the time Chuck took us on that training mission to Malaga"?
"Yeah" said Jack. "What was her name Juanita or something"?
"No man, it was Myrta, Remember? Said she was an honest to goodness princess."
"What? Asked Miri.

"Yeah she was married to some Puerto Rican guy who had some ancient island royal blood. But she was something. Princess Myrta we called her".
"Alright boys I don’t need to hear about your wild Navy days. Those days are over right Craig"?

"Over for me, yeah" That last response was a little unsettling and Jack tried to change the subject. "What do we do about the boat. We can’t stay here all night".

"Why not"? Craig fired back. "The harbor boys will be busy with emergencies all night…and into tomorrow with the way this thing hit. Came in with no warning."

"Is it a monsoon" asked Jack.
"Probably not" Miri offered. "The season is still two or three weeks away. It could come sooner, but usually…"

"You never really know out here" Craig interrupted. "I’ve seen some strange things in these islands. All sorts of strange things." Then there was a heavy silence as Craig stood in the middle of the cabin looking back and forth from his wife to his old shipmate. Jack took a deep swig of his whiskey and swallowed too soon.

"By the way Jack, thanks for finding Miri’s mask".
"It was nothing" he answered.
"No, it was. That mask cost four hundred and fifty bucks you know".
"Geez, what ’s it made of fuckin gold or something"? Jack took a nervous sip of his drink.

"No, it has a prescription lens. Miri can’t see shit without it. I don’t see how she could find the bottom let alone a mask, with her vision." Jack took another swig and emptied his glass. The only sound other than the storm was the ice cubes tinkling in his glass. He dared not meet Craig’s eyes. He looked to Miri holding the book. She was wearing a pair of 50’s style reading glasses.

"But there’s something else that’s a bit strange. I really don’t know how to say this…" Miri’s eyes stayed glued to her book. Jack however, feeling guilty, looked up, then down into his empty glass. "I don’t recall ever teaching Miri how to tie the sailors knot". The jig was up and everyone knew it.

"No Miri, don’t say anything. I saw it when I took off your tank. Sure as shit a perfect sailors knot. A bit of overkill for a little bikini top, don’t you think bud"?

Now Craig was standing over his outstretched friend. He still held his beer and his expression was more inquisitive than angry.

"So what happened, you needed to see her big tits? I’ll bet you did more than look. Did she let you suck them, huh? Here turn around Jack. Let me try my sailor’s knot on your hands".

Then he took a half inch line and secured Jacks hands behind his back. "Now I feel safe on my own boat".
"Stop torturing him Craig" Miri shouted. "My fuckin top came off. It caught on his BC when we were coming up. That’s all".
"Is that all jack"?

Jack was caught, this required an honest response. Lying now would only make matters worse. But he couldn’t tell him everything." I helped her put it on, sure. She couldn’t do it alone in the water with all the gear on."

"So let me get this straight Jack. You were staring at my wife’s amazing tits and you didn’t even cop a feel"?
"Yes, a little. I’m sorry".

"Pshh, a little? Ain’t nothing little about touching my wife. Ain’t nothing little about those fuckin tits is there Jack"?

"Come here babe." Craig pulled his wife up from the bed and her book fell to the floor. Go ahead show him your tits. I want to see his reaction".
"Stop Craig, leave him alone".

"Bullshit, give him the show. Do your Million Dollar Club act. Do it"! He demanded. Then Miri went through the motions of dancing as she had at the strip club where they met. After a few minutes she was down to her panties and bra.

"Go ahead Miri". Then she took off her bra and rubbed it back and forth between her legs. Craig took off his tee shirt and then his bathing suit. He sat naked across from Jack who was in the sitting position with his hands tied behind him.

"Ok honey do me a lap dance, but take off those ugly fuckin panties will you"?

"They’re not ugly they’re Panda Bears" she protested. Then she removed her white print panties and began cock teasing her husband. Craig had a long cock of average thickness and now it was pointing at the overhead. He pulled Miri down and positioned his cock between her legs as she sat. Jack felt the pressure in his shorts increasing rapidly.

A moment later Jack was watching Craig and Miri fucking away as if he wasn’t there. It was more than strange but he felt slightly relieved. He wiggled his hands but the knot held fast. Then Craig told Miri to tell him what happened in the cave. To Jack’s shock and dismay, she did.

"Well it really was an accident when my top came off. So I went down to look for it and...well a minute later I looked up and Jack was jerking the biggest hard-on I’ve ever seen".

"What, a, he has a big one ay? So Jack you exposed yourself to my wife and were wacking off under water? OK, I can see that." Jack was perplexed. He couldn’t tell if everything was alright or whether Craig was going to use him as shark bait.

Then Craig got up and went over to Jack. He pulled Miri by the hair. "Go on tell me what happened next". Then as she described the action Craig made her do it exactly the same to him.

Soon Craig was sucking Miri’s tits and then she went to her knees. Craig made sure Jack was able to see as Miri opened her mouth and sucked on his long dick. He held Jack by the back of the neck and his face was six inches from his cock and her mouth.

Miri was moaning as she bobbed on her husband’s cock. "That’s enough, now let me watch, go ahead". Then Miri slipped off the sweat pants Jack was wearing. As she expected his boner was like a rock. "Holy fuck" Craig commented, sitting forward on the opposite bed. Jack was wondering what was happening. But when Miri didn’t hesitate to suck his dick in front of Craig, he was in heaven.

"My god that is a large fucking cock he has there". Miri answered her husband with a loud moan on Jack’s cock sending shivers up his spine. Craig was getting very excited as he always did when they trapped an unsuspecting friend in their net. He was jerking steadily and breathing heavily as he stared at Jack.

Jack’s cock was shaved clean. There wasn’t so much as a single hair on his balls either. Craig started to admire it’s girth and length although he had only sucked a cock once, it had been against his will. Men didn’t need Craig to suck them off, that’s what Miri was for, and she was doing her best and loving it.

Then Craig got up and unceremoniously put his cock in Jack’s face. He turned away. "Honey, Jack just refused me". Then Miri dug her teeth into Jacks member and he cried out in pain.

"She can love you or she can hurt you Jack. Now put it in your mouth". Then he held Jack by the neck with one hand and placed his cock on Jacks lips with the other. Again Jack turned his head. "Miri, Jack just refused me and I’m about to come."

Miri bit hard and almost pierced Jacks tender skin. He let out a scream and a trail of curses but Miri returned to sucking gently. Then a second later she bit again, but not too hard. "Alright I’ll fuckin do it". He couldn’t believe what he had just said. Agreeing to have a man’s dick in his mouth was akin to treason, only worse he always thought.

Then Craig held his neck again and Jack closed his eyes. Craig’s dick smelled nice, like the sea. It was soft on his lips and he hesitated, not knowing what to do. Then he opened his mouth and licked. Craig’s penis had a good coating of pre-cum and it mixed with the sea salt. Jack licked around his mouth and decided the flavor was salty but not terrible.

Then he opened a bit wider and did what Miri was doing to him. Suddenly Craig was well into his mouth and he loved the feeling. Jack started moaning with pleasure, he used his tongue and then sucked on Craig’s penis like there was no tomorrow. Proof that he was actually loving it began shooting into Miri eager mouth.

Jack was having an out of body experience. In his mind’s eye he saw the scene from behind where he sat. He was bobbing on a cock and so was Miri. It was perfect, like balance in a work of art. His new experience caused him to come as hard as he could ever remember. And there was a separate pleasure all it’s own; the feel of a cock in his mouth.

Miri pulled away and reached for her drink. But there was still cum oozing from his cock. Craig couldn’t resist. He put his hand around the giant penis and slowly milked his friend’s cock. His hand slid easily on the slick shaft and still more hot white liquid spurted out onto his hand. It just kept cumming and cumming. Craig loved the feel of the cock’s spasmodic pumping action.

Then it was his turn to explode. Jack had done much more than any of them had expected. The piston-like motion of his sucking had taken Craig over the edge. When he started to shoot it caught Jack by surprise. The first shot went deep into his mouth and down his throat. He couldn’t taste it on his tongue and there was a burning sensation in his throat.

Then his mouth was overflowing with Craig’s jerking lava flow. Jack savored the taste of the sperm, he loved it. He bobbed like a hungry teenage girl; the cum dripping from the sides of his mouth. He pulled back to swallow and then he looked up at Craig and he was smiling.

"Yeah you fuckin love it don’t you". Craig said. "I do love it. Give me more". And Craig let him suck the last gobs off his cock, and all the while his hands were tied.

"You got a real live one there". Said Miri. "I can’t wait to fuck him, god what a nice big cock he has".

"You sound like the big bad wolf honey. But I’m the big bad wolf here." Jack nodded his head and licked until Craig was soft and moaning quietly.


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