Respect: Chapter 1_(1)

Author: 499d514b21

13 October 2021

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The brunette finally pull off all my clothes and the bleach went over to record the others. I quickly grabbed my phone and took a pic on my dick ready to penetrate the brunette's awesome pussy! It was my first time! Then I switched it to video and record every second of the penetration and fist piece of pussy I ever got. It was nice, pink, and shaven too. I just did what felt right and fucked her for like 10 minutes as she showed me all the positions. Then, in between her moans, she told me not to cum inside her, as she does not have any protection at all... Ooops! I didn't tell her that I cumed in her about a minute after penetration but kept fucking because it was my first time and it was so good! I said okay. So we kissed on it anyway and kept fucking, then soon I got an idea from a porno. I said "I'll be back baby, I need to cum." I really wanted to get my fist piece of tight pink ass but the cute bruntte didn't do anal. So I went over to the drummer as the bleach blonde filmed me and then I got behind the super hot blonde as she was riding the drummer. I looked down at my dick, the head was really red and shiny and a string of semen hanging from the tip. My dick was totally wet with the brunette's pussy juice that smelled like sex. I put my hands on the hot blonde's hips and got into position to double penetrate her. 0 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - I’m sorry…” The brunette mumbles and drops her hand. Though she feels anything but remorse. Evelyn should be appalled and pull away but she instead grabs the woman’s hand and pulls her into the closest room she can find. She pushes the brunette against the door but doesn’t kiss her just yet. She furrows her eyebrows in concern as she grabs the young woman’s chin between her pointer finger and thumb. “No one ever finds out about this, okay?” The older woman asks and Maria eagerly nods her head. Evelyn swiftly pulls the brunette down into a kiss. Maybe it’s the alcohol or her true feelings, or maybe she has no idea what she is doing. Yeah, the last one. They ravage each other’s lips with a new-found passion.

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