my dream's little sister

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11 December 2021

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my dream's little sister

by poptoes

Fantasm, Masturbation, Sado-Masochism, Teen Female Solo, Young

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Posted Mon 16th of January 2012

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tell me if you guys want a second chapter

Being back in the states sucked. Don't get me wrong I still love America but I got fucked over big time by the U.S military. While serving my fifth deployment in the Marine Corps I was injured by a land mine that took my full use my right leg and two of my fingers on my right hand. What really sucked was that considering my injuries weren't debilitating I wasn't given much in terms of compensation. I got a check but not enough to live off of, so I had to find a job. I had planned to be a lifer and retire from the military sometime in my forties but that fucked my plans up big time.

Luckily I had already paid off my car, a new 2011 Camaro SS, and I was able to live off my marine buddies for a couple of years so I could get a job and build up some money to go about half in on a nice house. So at twenty-five years old I had a great car, a nice house that I didn't owe to much on and free health insurance so I figured I may just be able to retire a thirty. So you would think I would be a good natured guy who just got a limp and had to learn to write left-handed. FUCK NO!!! anger built up inside me like you wouldn't believe. I spent a full year in Afghanistan eating one meal a day (if you could call MRE's a meal), I watched some great people get killed by some fuckin turban wearing faggots, and all I got was a lousy 200 dollars a month and a shitload of nightmares in return. Fuck you Barrack why don't you send some tax money to the marine corps so we can afford bomb squad equipment that actually works.

But I digress this story isn't about me crying about my unfair treatment. It's about two beautiful girls who helped pull me out of my depression. So I guess I’ll start with how I meet them. I got me a beautiful beach front property in biloxi pretty cheap because of the recent hurricane and oil spill and after thinking about decided buy the two properties next to mine on the middle property I had a big two story four bedroom three bathroom has with a spacious basement slash storm shelter built. It was designed to block any and all flooding, of course if a hurricane came again I wasn't planning on sticking around any way. I planned to put two houses next to mine and rent them out to tourist, I was a pissed off PTSD out degenerate not a idiot. I figured after a couple years I would pay off the house then build the other two and maybe just sell all three when the property value went up might make some good money. Anyway there was a hooters real close to my new house where I spent two or three nights a week when I wasn't at the local strip club. I know you think hooters, club must be blowing threw money, not true you'd be surprised at how little you spend at these places when you have a marine uniform, a limp, and a lot war stories.

Any way I met Danielle at this hooters and boy was she qualified to work there. I have been checking her out for nearly two weeks when by some stroke of luck I finally got seated at her table. I knew from my earlier casual observations(aka stalking) that she stood at five foot ten no more than 120 pounds, perfect golden tanned body, she had a barely discernible six pack, wonder fully toned legs and lets not forget that great heart shaped ass and borderline double d cup breast. But what drew me in was her face, I’ve seen plenty hot girls but her face screamed innocent schoolgirl, the kind of face that'll have her mistaken as sixteen when she'll be thirty. Something about it all drew me in. now I know I’m no player but I think I kept my cool pretty well I mean why hit on her I bet she gets that fifty times a day. So I got my wings, ate them, paid for my meal and went to the bar to drink up some courage. Wasn't long till I had the whole bar listening to tales from my better moments as a marine (including the time I tried to sneak off base forgot that we had a barb wire fence set up and had to spend the night outside surrounded by razor sharp wire)after plenty of drinks I knew last call was fast approaching decided to make my move and what will I use, pity.

I stumble into the bathroom and pretend to hurl for the next ten minutes waiting for the rest of the customers to clear out. Then the door opens and one of the kitchen workers comes in and drags my ass out to the parking lot. Obviously he was too stupid to make it as a bouncer like he always dreamed. So I immediately ran to her car which was a Chrysler 300m this meant that the battery was under the front fender not a lot of people knew this. So I reached under grabbed a battery cable and pulled it off. Then I pulled out a cigarette and my cell phone and pretended to text various people under the guise of looking for someone to come pick me up. I smirked when Danielle came out and tried to start her car unsuccessfully then pop her hood and came around to look at her engine. I was momentarily floored when I took a look at her. I don't know if you know this but hooter girls aren't allowed to leave with their uniform on, some cover it up some change into new clothes, apparently she did both. She had removed her shirt and revealed what I thought was the work of a push-up bra was in fact a yellow bikini top with loose strings meaning they didn't lift those perfect breast at all!

Next her shorts were replaced by an even skimpier six inch skirt that started six inches below her belly button broadcasting to all that she shaved!! Which made the g-string style bikini bottoms even more obvious by coming up her hips and disappearing between her pert ass cheeks which were accentuated by the slip on heels she wore. When she bent over to look both me and other me stood up quick. I made my way over to her and purposely slurring my words I asked

“Excuse me,” at this point a saw a brief look of fear flash in her eyes “but do you know how to drive a stick?”at which point she rolled her eyes thinking this was some lame pick-up.

“Why need me to drive you somewhere ?” she asked sarcasticly.

“Yeah home I’m so drunk I can't even pee straight.” I say in all seriousness while pointing over my shoulder at my car. “listen I saw that your car's not starting, so how bout you give me a ride to my house I sleep these beers off and in the morning we come back and I see if I can fix your car. Sound good?” I asked praying I sounded sincere.

“I have to go pick up my sister.” she said biting her lip. Wrench meet plans.

“We'll go pick her up too I got two couches.” okay think positive maybe the sister is old enough to turn this into a three-way I mean I know Danielle is twenty how young can her sister be. Apparently this was good enough for her cause she took my keys and I lead her to my car.

We didn't talk as she drove while she nervously looked over at me. When we got to the place we were to pick her sister up I had to stop myself from screaming. There she was, her name Nicole though everyone called her Nicky, standing four foot six no breast to speak of obviously prepubescence dressed kinda similar to her sis where short jeans shorts and a loose white tee. Well okay I’ll use tonight to build up good faith and build on it tomorrow. So we drove to my house while I came up with a plan. I had Danielle pull in my garage and we walked in to my kitchen were I suggested we get in my hot tub, see the I have a all glass back door allowing me to see the ocean outside. I have a concrete porch that I’m planning on enclosing with glass so I can enjoy my hot tub in all weather, it helps my leg. They agreed and while I went change they went straight to the hot tub, being the beach bunnies they are all they had to do was strip their outer layer and get in. When I came back they were al ready in, so I had to try to not look like a retard while getting in with one bum leg. Finally getting in I noticed they where both facing the ocean leaving me to get on the other side and face them. We started talking telling funny stories that slowly moved to sadder ones. They learned of my past as a marine and how I can't sleep at night unless I pass out thanks to alcohol, and I learned that Nicky was actually fourteen and how Danielle was abused physically and sexually by her step dad until her sister turned ten and she decided to run away rather than have Nicky go through that.

As night passed and dawn broke was when we figured out that we had stayed up all night talking as they climbed out of the tub to get some sleep cause they both had work the next day, Danielle because she had to pay the bills, and Nicky cause she was working during the summer to pay for college. Apparently they had a deal where Danielle would do work and pay for Nicky to go to college and Nicky would take care of Danielle later in life. Good of deal as any. So anyway I told them to dry off while I got ready for work being a marine lack off sleep didn't really bother me. After I was done I let them in my room and showed them around a little. Now my room is designed to not let in light so I can sleep all hours of the day. After they got settled in I left for work which today wouldn't be more than four hours of nothing. See I’m a machinist/mechanic which basically means I can fix anything from cars to boats. So for my job if there's nothing to fix get paid for sitting on my ass and doing nothing.

Work couldn't end fast enough I kept on kicking my self for leaving two strangers alone in my house. Finally my boss took pity on me and sent me home and told me he would call me if they needed me. I rushed home and pulled up and noticed I had only been gone an hour so I decided to sneak in if they were robbing me I would surprise them if they were really sleeping then they'll never know I didn't trust them. I eased up the stairs and approached my door quietly and the first thing I noticed was that a few of my draws where left open but I didn't panic. The next thing I saw was Danielle asleep on my bed wearing one of my tee shirts hugging a pillow. That explained the draws obviously they needed pajamas. I was about to leave when I heard a noise, so I opened my door completely and noticed Nicky wasn't on my bed like I figured. Following the noise to my bathroom I knew the noise as a woman’s pleasured filled moans. How I might know when a marine is on deployment they watch a lot of porn and I had that noise memorized.

Considering my bathroom didn't have a lock on it I opened the door and was shocked by what I saw. The masturbating fourteen year old I expected what I didn't expect was the clothes pin on her nipples, one of my cigarettes lit and being touched to various places on her body, nor was I expecting my socks that wore last night stuffed in her mouth while my boxers where covering her eyes and nose!!

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