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08 June 2023

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Foxe's Book Of English Martyrs - Vol. 1 and 2 - Audiobooks
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I don't remember how or when I first came across this book, sometime in the 1990s I think? I've read it a couple of times, and have just recently found a paperback copy at a used book store, and have had the pleasure of reading it once more.

How can factual records of the torture and deaths of so many followers of the Gospel of Christ, bring peace to the reader? How does the knowledge of what the martyrs were up against, what they stood up for, and how they were so patiently and courageously willing to die for, assure me, a Christian in these dark times, that all is well, on the narrow path, that leads to life?

Validation. Their words and testimonies help to solidify my own thoughts and beliefs, and give words to how I've felt all along, ever since I became a Christian in 1987, at the age of 17.

Those martyrs took a stand against the false doctrine that sought to, and did actually, rule them, in their day, and suffered great turmoil and violence for not complying or bowing down to the false gods of the time.

When I consider the matter, I can see that those false gods - the ones who were going about and forcing God's people to submit to their false idols and ways and beliefs, via the Inquisition in earlier days, then burnings at the stake, under Queen Mary's rule - come, spiritually, from the very same forces in Rome, that crucified Christ, and to this day, proudly display His death on the cross upon the altars of their domains, not unlike a hunting trophy, in my opinion.

The same entity(s) that ruled Rome in Jesus' time, is the same force that sought the submission of the martyrs in the middle ages, and is the same power that is still alive and well today, only waiting in the wings, regrouping, repackaging, for a different day and age.

Oh people, beware. Beware of false doctrine.

My Jesus does not change, He is the Rock of Ages, He brings freedom and life and joy, even in the face of earthly persecution and death. He gave His life for us so that we might receive His grace, and the hope of eternal life. This is offered freely to us all, without the authorities in this world that have set themselves up as kings and gods over us.

Come out of the world, come out of the churches that teach false doctrine and not the true words of Christ, the Holy Bible, the whole package, not demoting Him to a babe in the images, not including the worship of His earthly mother, a blessed and humble human woman, who should not be prayed to, nor any other deceased human being, who they falsely call "saints", that we should pray to them.

We who seek and follow Jesus, and who have been cleansed in His blood, and are saved by His grace - we are the saints, and it is not by our own righteousness or works, it is a free gift that's given to all who will come to the cross, and recieve it.

Only Jesus.

Amy Lohrman