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24 May 2022

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Chapter 1141 - Feast pull delightful

As time went on, other events came into the hall and ended up quickly led for their seating by Zuoqiu Xunshuang.

The feast gone overdue to the night-time.

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This wines can be helpful to even cosmic cloud claims should they hadn’t obtained it prior to.

On the other hand, the Elf Queen even asked Lu Ze for several buckets.

Everybody was astonished, including the Elf Queen.

“The exact for any Crystal Race.”

When it comes to other events, she could give them some benefits sooner or later. It didn’t affect the Elf Race.

This became the Elf Race! A cosmic world status society!

It was actually Lu Ze and the girl’s extreme expertise and possible. They gave the Human Race almost endless prospects.

Once they observed the Elf Queen and also the rulers of some cosmic cloud express top societies, they were all energized.

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Cosmic strategy claims?

He still enjoyed a several hundred buckets for this red wine.

Individuals elves have been alcoholics.

Having said that, the Elf Princess even required Lu Ze for a few buckets.

Lu Ze was quite embarra.s.sed.

Then, they started chatting about other issues.

All of the elves had been extremely thankful to Lu Ze. Also the two cosmic realm says who came up thanked Lu Ze incessantly.

The atmosphere was quite lively.

This is the Elf Competition! A cosmic realm express civilization!

This created every person think that the Human Race’s background wasn’t so simple as the top.

As soon as the Elf Competition discovered Lu Ze take out a container the magnitude of a individual, their eye went green.

They checked out the other person with dilemma.

Even they couldn’t see these highly effective beings frequently.

A Persons Race won’t be betraying their allies. This is great for the Elf Race.


Potentially, surpa.s.sing out the Elf Competition wasn’t a dream.

“The exact same for that Crystal Competition.”

Perhaps the peak cosmic cloud declare cultures got no right to go analysis on the Elf Race, although the Our Competition now could.

That was the Elf Competition! A cosmic realm condition society!

Then, they started communicating about other topics.

Ying Ying nodded, although discussing, she glanced at Lu Ze. “You traveled to try to eat great meals but didn’t deliver me more than! I smelled a whole lot great foods!”

The Barbarian, Winged, and Circular Competition looked over the other person with difficult appears.

Ying Ying’s eyes lit up. “Really?”

He still enjoyed a handful of hundred buckets on this red wine.

The feast decided to go past due within the nights.

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