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23 December 2021

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Fun Discord Bot you would like (ZSurvive video game Discord Bot)

Do you men want to make your discord. servers. more lively do you guys want to have a. lot of. enjoyable in a discord server good in case you. replied sure. to either of these questions you're. going to want to adhere round because in. this video. i will show you guys the finest. discord video game bot. available z live to tell the tale on the earth of z. live to tell the tale there's a zombie apocalypse and. you. are a survivor your goal is to farm. assets upgrade tools get amazing. achievements and earn the z. live to tell the tale forex battle epic bosses and. much much more the bot is lots of enjoyable. and ii'm going to be showing you men. precisely tips on how to. add the z live on bot and start. so with out further ado let's hop in. o.k. men so first thing we're. going to do is. add z live on to our discord server in. order to do this. go forward and iin the url field genuinely variety.

In. pass forward and enter onto. that site. you'll appear on something that looks. like this over here on the left side. there's a little eco-friendly button that says. add to discord move forward and press on. this to invite the bot into your discord. server. i will cross ahead and choose this. and after doing so. we are able to see that discord is prompting us. to connect our account. with z live to tell the tale i'll go forward and. upload it to at least one of my servers called cafe. development. if you do not see any servers again on. this step the answer is probably the actual fact. that you don't have the manage server's. permission so just be sure you have. the managed server's permission. with a view to invite the bot after doing. so genuinely press. authorize and verify that you are not a. robot. so guys a twin of that z live to tell the tale is now. in our discord server.

All we have to do now is input onto our. server. and make sure that z live to tell the tale can see us. so over here we have z continue to exist and the. very first thing i'm going to show you men. is the z assist command this is going to. be your nexus for finding each of the. essential. information that you men must use. the bot as you guys can see it gives us. a link to our web site. and access to alter the z continue to exist. language. and eventually the game command now this is. what you guys have. all been expecting the command that. helps you to make your server. energetic and to have a great number of enjoyable all you. must do is kind in. z area survive and as you men can see. z live to tell the tale will stroll us via our. academic it is telling us that we are in. the center of a. zombie apocalypse it is so magnificent we can. pass ahead and react with the thumbs up to. retain.

After doing so what you will observe is. that z live on reacts. definitely in line with these emojis right here. and we will click these emojis. otherwise known as reacting. to continue with the game dialog so i'm. going to head ahead and press on this map. emoji. and as you guys can see the academic is. continuing it's telling us that we are. going to wish some resources. so let's cross forward and farm utilizing this. mine after doing so. what you men will notice is that we. just farmed quite a few assets. and we will upgrade our equipment by using doing. this improve we will additionally have the ability to. fight bosses moreover z survive has. now advised us that we have accomplished the. academic and we will retain. just by hitting this little thumbs up or. again just by typing. z live to tell the tale and now men it is the most. menu of z live on that makes it so. marvelous. as you guys can see there's these little.

Emojis on the lowest that aallow us to. navigate throughout the international of z. continue to exist we're a survivor it is the hp. that we've got this is essentially the. actions and effort we've. the damage that our survivor currently. does and how many z. cash we've so now guys all we need to. do is go ahead and open up our map. perhaps farm a few assets improve our. tools get a few cool achievements and. a lot more so you men can move forward and. follow together with this. or just preserve by yourself so i'm. going to go forward and press this little. map emoji. and it'll allow us to choose a neighborhood. that we want to journey to. i will select a forest because i. desire to go to the forest so let's just. pass forward and press that. and as you guys can see we have our. assets. and we're ready to farm to acquire these. including the power that we have.

So i will move ahead and just farm. so they can pass forward and as you men can. see we've won 10 bandages. and eight wood so amazing as a way to move. ahead and farm lower back. and back with all sorts of cool items. all types of cool. sweets so that you can cross forward and farm. until we have. five power left so i will go. forward and do this. and similar to which you men can see that. i've gained a number of goods. so i will move ahead and head back. to the most menu. and over right here we will now fight bosses so. let's just move ahead and try to try this. i will react with the cranium emoji. and as you men can see. the boss has 4 hp we have 5 hp and we. deal 5 damage. so if we attack our 5 harm will. kill the boss. so let's go ahead and try this and as you. men can see we have simply killed the boss. and earned 35. z coins so men i'm returned ordinarily.

discord greeting bot . and i am now going to reveal you men the. coolest portion of z continue to exist that i actually. certainly take pleasure in. that is upgrading our tools and. accessing the market. so let's cross forward and press the up emoji. and as you men can see there is a few. matters we are able to improve. our power reduce our hp limit our damage. and our tools. and actually that's really cool stuff in. addition z continue to exist has this little cool. hover for information aspect. that i actually really like so over right here. we will go forward and. let's attempt upgrading our equipment so i am. gonna go forward. and do this so guys i am now gonna pass. ahead and show you men the marketplace. so what we can actually do is by using heading. into the marketplace we are able to spend. our earned z coins on hp charges. energy models and some quite a few containers for. the various locations. in z survive so the final thing we have.

To examine right here. is our achievements and it is. whatever that i actually get pleasure from during this. video game. that as you move throughout the global. as you level up your character. as you do a lot cool things you men. get to truly earn those. awesome achievements so i'm gonna move. ahead and try to. farm most of these achievements marvelous. i'm approximately to use some of my bandages to. heal up my character. all right genuinely cool i am gonna cross ahead. head back to the main menu. and now that we are all healed up i am. gonna pass forward and fight some bosses. if we battle one boss in fact we unlock. an exceptionally cool fulfillment. so i'll move ahead and do this. and as you men can see this little. funds bag emote seemed so i am gonna cross. ahead and press that. and that i just received my rewards for completing. those awesome achievements. okay so now that you men are.

relatively familiar with the total technique. of the bot and thiis amazing online game bot i am. going to expose you men. tips on how to interact with different gamers. to form of get things getting in your. server. so some thing you can actually do with. the z live on bot. is you men can actually play consisting of. your friends. so what i mean via that's you may. challenge each other to claim that oh. i'm gonna be the 1st one to arrive a thousand. z cash or. let's say i will be the 1st one. to get to thiis specific. level or fight some specific bosses and. one surely cool aspect approximately z live to tell the tale. is the actual fact that there's an amazing. community you men can actually join the. neighborhood server. just by pressing the join our discord. and over right here you will meet plenty of different. z. live on gamers as this bot grows it is. creating insanely speedy and there's new.

gamers flooding in. daily as you men might be aware of . the open beta has basically ended. just last week so there's a lot of new. stuff. being added to z live on and a lot more. cool matters i am unable to wait to determine. what gets added to z survive and all the. cool matters that the developer makes. the developer and assist crew over at z. continue to exist. is completely amazing and there's so. a lot cool stuff that you can do. as an example you can vote to get rewarded. on the z survive bot. there's actually a leaderboard where. gamers can. battle to get the tip crown on z live to tell the tale. there's a z aid wherein you guys can. find even more information about utilizing. the bot. and finally with a purpose to aid the. game which is totally top notch. you can assist them on patreon to help. them continue growing the bot. so men with that i'm hoping you've.

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