Hard cross between Gustavo Petro and General Zapateiro

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23 May 2022

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Gustavo Petro's troll caused a conflict between the presidential candidate and general Eduardo Enrique Zapateiro the commander, on social media. Petro wrote in the message, "Some Clan officers are on their payroll."

"While soldiers are killed by Gulf Clan, some generals are on the payroll of Clan. The politicians who are involved in trafficking in drugs influence the management. Gustavo Petro spoke on social media.

https://hsbnoticias.com/new/en/node/de-guerrillero-candidato-presidencial-que-pasara-con-las-guerrillas-si-gustavo-petro-gana-las https://www.semana.com/semana-tv/vicky-en-semana/articulo/me-preocupa-que-gustavo-petro-llegue-a-la-presidencia/202157/ General Zapateiro's response

This message generated the response of the Army commander and commander, who in six trillions challenged the presidential candidate over his comments.

General Zapateiro stated: "There is no person more hurt by the death of a soldier than those who are wearing camouflage. Their families and the homeland also suffer, but the supreme sacrifice that they gave for their country should not be made into a campaign narrative."

Francia Marquez has denied being an Cali resident.

In a separate message, the senior official discussed recent deaths of soldiers. "Since 2021 over 500 soldiers have perished and suffered injuries as they pursued their mission. The sacrifice was not acknowledged and there were no declarations. It's odd that the death of heros of our country are now causing affliction which is used to create other signs.

Gustavo Petro, the army commander, asked Gustavo Petro if he knew of any links between generals or groups that are not under the law. He advised him to file an inquiry.

"Senator. Gustavo Petro You shouldn't make use of your oath ("parliamentary inviolability") to try and use the death of our soldiers to make a political statement. Instead, fulfill your citizen responsibility of making a substantiated complaint to the


Then he added another note: "I remind that senators are part of the same collective as politicians who traffic in drugs." I encourage citizens not to generalize. https://www.grupoenergiadebogota.com/content/download/5967/88919/file/GUSTAVO FRANCISCO PETRO URREGO.pdf petro gustavo First and foremost, respect"

The most controversial comment from the official in charge was that Colombians witnessed the presidential candidate receive cash "in a trash bag".

"I have never seen a general on TV receiving ill-gotten money. The Colombians were able to see you receive money in a bag," General Zapateiro declared.

In closing the official's remarks, he said "to the oldest institution in the country which has safeguarded the democratic principles of this nation for over 200 years, sometimes even risking their own lives" and required respect.

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