Manifest Destiny - Chapter 1

Author: 37ceb4dde9

13 October 2021

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As she opened the door and stepped past me, I sprang out. I threw her daughter against the wall and grabbed Amy around the chest as I placed the ether soaked rag over her face. Her resistance faded after only a few seconds and I soon had her limp body in my hands. I let her slide to the floor, and then placed the same ether soaked rag over her daughter’s face to keep her quiet. I picked up Amy, and brought her to the bedroom before returning for her daughter. I brought her daughter to the livingroom and then proceeded to secure her for the events to come. 0 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - Cap! Look what I found” Fire announced her presence her usual way, carefree and joyous. The person sitting in the central chair swiveled around in it, his orcish face haggard and scarred, one of his tusks broken. Despite the aged and worn look on his face, his eyes shone with determination and strength. The orc got up from his chair, rising to his imposing 2.20 meters. Glancing at Jericho, he straightened his uniform, before walking over to him, his boot-heels clicking on the metal flooring.

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