Mama LoLo, Her daughter, and Me

Author: fdb25f354a

13 October 2021

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Edwin puts his cock back into his pants as he and she got up walking to the door. They walked out of the club headed to his car and drove off headed to the house. 30 minutes later they reached the house going inside. When he got inside Stephanie closes the door behind him. She likes it and quickly pushes him onto the couch. Edwin was pretty surprised at how quick she pushed him on the couch. This Woman's hormones was so strong I can tell she wasn't going to wait any longer she was ready for a fucking. I could have tried to tell her to hold on but the alcohol was also getting to her. “hehe okay Edwin I'm going to show you my beautiful breasts. I wanted to do a tit-job with my ex-boyfriend and I wanted to suck his cock but I couldn't because it was too small. But you-yours is perfect for this." She said that she puts his penis between her tits and begins moving up and down causing Edwin to moan. Good gosh my huge cock feels good between her big tits. I would like to see her lose expression when I release semen on her tits. 0 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - before you give my mother a heart attack, before your monstrous Big Black Cock brings out the nymphomaniac in her and her true slutty qualities will be in full display" , stated Catherine. "Cum by tomorrow afternoon before you leave for the airport and I'll tune-up that cum-filled Big Black Cock of yours like the naughty slut I am. " At that precise moment Mama LoLo quietly parted the door open so I could see her blow me a kiss and lick her lips, while rubbing her fingers between her legs as she parted her night gown showing me a glimpse of her smooth bald pussy. I had to get the fuck out of there, before I forgot all about Catherine and proceeded to just fuck Mama LoLo right there in their townhouse doorway. After I arrived home and packed for my trip I lay in the bed totally naked stroking down the full length of the shaft of my 11 inch BBC , as I fantasized about fucking Catherine and Mama LoLo at the same time in a 3some. I'm such a naughty boy for sure. In my dirty thoughts I had them both butt ass naked with me , as we all we held up in Mama LoLo's California king size bed. Damn I had CUM so hard !! I fantasized about Mama LoLo sucking and licking all over my Big Black Cock, as Catherine was playing with and licking on my nipples as I palmed Catherine's naked big round ass with one hand and kept my other hand busy holding Mama LoLo's head down on my BBC. Only if my dream would become a reality,as I would be fucking both mother and daughter. After cumming with my naughty thoughts, I drifted off to sleep.

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