Quick 11 Options To Minecraft Launcher Not Working

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15 July 2022

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Only one thing stands between you and the world you’re constructing in Minecraft: the launcher. If the launcher won’t open, doesn’t display accurately, or won’t launch the game, you don’t have a straightforward technique to access Minecraft. Luckily, there are many simple fixes you'll be able to apply that may assist you restore your entry to the sport.

Why Does Minecraft Use a Launcher?

Minecraft Launcher Not WorkingClose and Restart the Launcher

Attempt a Clear BootResetting the pc for a normal Boot

Verify for Graphics Card Updates

Verify for Windows Updates

Uninstall Minecraft

Reinstall Minecraft

Why Does Minecraft Use a Launcher?

Recreation launchers permit a program to offer customers info, obtain content, and install updates without operating the complete weight of the entire program.

While the launcher from Mojang is all the time the one it's best to start with - particularly if you’re having problems - there are third-party launchers out there too. Some of them offer more features that is perhaps helpful if you’re taking part in with mods.

Minecraft Launcher Not Working

Minecraft Launcher errors start in two locations: the Minecraft set up itself or other programs which might be incompatible or interfering with Minecraft. Once you’ve narrowed down the source of the issue, there are a couple of totally different troubleshooting steps to take to repair the issue.

Then you will get back to grinding out XP in your character or building that clean stone mega base you deliberate.

If it's your first time, you will want to install the JavaRuntimeEnvironment package before you even begin something associated to the custom Minecraft launchers. You will have Java 16 from the link above for Minecraft Java version 1.17 and above. The official Minecraft Launcher from Mojang will download the required Java version robotically.

Close and Restart the Launcher

Generally, you'll be able to fix the Minecraft Launcher with a simple restart. Whereas you may shut it manually, it’s greatest to shut it down from the process to ensure it’s utterly closed earlier than opening it once more.

1. Press “Ctrl+Alt+Delete” to open an inventory of choices.

2. Click “Task Manager”.

3. Proper-click on “Minecraft Launcher” below Apps.

4. Click on “End task”.

Relaunch the Minecraft Launcher.

5. Try to load the sport from the launcher again.

If the restart didn’t repair the problem, will probably be necessary to proceed troubleshooting to the tip of this text to correctly clear up Minecraft Launcher not working challenge.

Strive a Clean Boot

It’s essential to determine whether or not the Minecraft Launcher is experiencing an internal error or whether the issue comes from another piece of software. A clean boot in Windows starts the machine with minimal packages and drivers. With it, you can begin Minecraft within the cleanest potential atmosphere to determine the place the problem lies.

1. Sort “msconfig” into the Windows search bar.

2. Click on “System Configuration.”

3. Click the “Services” tab.

4. Check the “Hide all Microsoft services” box.

5. Click on “Disable all”.

6. Click the “Startup” tab.

7. Click “Open Process Manager”.

8. Click “Disable” for each program in the list and close the duty Supervisor.

9. Click “OK” in System Configuration.

Restart your computer.

10. Attempt reopening the Minecraft Launcher.

If the launcher works in a clean atmosphere, it means one of many applications that was disabled was stopping the launcher from opening. It’s a good piece of data to have because it could cease you from troubleshooting Minecraft itself when the issue is an exterior program incompatibility.

Resetting the pc for a traditional Boot

As soon as you’ve completed the clear boot and discovered the origin of the issue with the Minecraft launcher, you need to reset your laptop again to do a standard boot. Simply retrace your previous steps as beneath:

1. Sort “msconfig” into the Windows search bar.

2. Click “System Configuration”.

3. Click on “Normal Startup” on the overall tab.

4. Click on “Services”.

5. Uncheck the “Hide all Microsoft services” field and then click on “Enable all”.

6. Click “Startup” after which click “Open Activity Manager”.

7. Choose “Enable” subsequent to every program you need to start up with your pc.

8. Click on “OK” after which restart your laptop.

Shut Down Incompatible Software

There are specific varieties of software program that Mojang says are incompatible with Minecraft. Try opening your process supervisor to see whether you have any of the software program operating. When you do, it’s essential to shut them before restarting the Minecraft launcher to see whether one of many programs was stopping it from opening.

1. Kind “Task Manager” in the Home windows search app.

2. Click on “Task Manager.”

3. Search the list of Apps for the following programs:1. IDMan

2. D3DGear (Versions below 4.50.1846)

3. Evolve

4. Participant.me

5. Hamachi

6. Tunngle

7. Hola Unblocker

8. Covenant Eyes

9. Qustodio

10. ZoneAlarm Firewall

11. Webroot SecureAnywhere

12. Reason Safety

13. Lavasoft Ad-conscious Internet Companion

14. Comodo Internet Safety Firewall

If you utilize the programs listed above, be certain they’re updated. Sometimes newer versions might need fixes that help the launcher run with more stability. As soon as they’re up to date, you'll be able to rerun the launcher to see if it works with the new versions.

Disable Discord Overlay

The Discord Overlay is a convenient instrument to assist entry your conversations while you’re in a sport, but it will possibly interfere with Minecraft. Disabling it is easy enough that it’s value attempting in case that’s the supply of your issues.

Turning it off for Minecraft will flip off the overlay in other packages as properly, so you’ll have to show it back on in order for you to make use of it again.

1. Click the gear icon in Discord to entry your settings.

2. Scroll down and click on “Game Overlay”.

3. Click the “Enable in-sport overlay” slider in order that it turns gray.

4. Click on the “X” to complete.

5. Strive relaunching Minecraft.

If the launcher works as soon as you’ve disabled the Discord overlay, remember to show it off once more sooner or later while you begin to play Minecraft.

Update Your Pc

Generally gamers get a missing DLL error when they struggle to begin the Minecraft launcher. This error is linked to missing system updates in your computer. Examine for each graphics card updates and Home windows updates to repair the issues.

Check for Graphics Card Updates

1. Sort “Device Manager” within the Windows search bar.

2. Click on “Device Manager.”

3. Expand the Show adapters category.

4. Proper-click on your GPU and choose “Update driver.”

5. Click “Search mechanically for drivers.”

6. Let Windows complete the process to find and install drivers.

Check for Windows Updates

1. Click on the Windows begin button.

2. Choose “Settings.” (shortcut key Win + i keys pressed collectively)

3. Click on “Update & Security.”

4. Click “Windows Replace.”

5. Click “Check for updates.”

6. When the method is complete, let Home windows set up any updates it finds.

When all the updates are complete, it’s greatest to restart your pc. When you turn it back on, Minecraft Launcher ought to work with out the DLL error.

Administrator Privileges

Typically running Minecraft with Administrator standing may also help fix problems with the launcher. Operating a program as an administrator in Home windows gives it access to extra parts of your system and doesn’t prohibit its privileges as much.

1. Navigate to your Minecraft EXE file. That is the file you click to launch the game - however ensure you’re not utilizing a shortcut. You possibly can right click on your shortcut and click on “Open file Location” twice.

Right-click on the EXE file.

2. Click on “Run as Administrator”.

3. Click on “Yes” to offer it permission.

This will solely run Minecraft as an administrator this one time. If this solution fixes the problem, change it to run as an administrator always by adjusting the file properties.

Proper-click on on the Minecraft EXE file.

1. Choose “Properties.”

2. Select the Compatibility tab.

3. Examine the “Run this program as an administrator” box.

4. Click “OK.”

After this, Minecraft will always run as an administrator.

Delete Credentials

In case your launcher is just a gray display, deleting a single file would possibly fix the problem.

1. Type “%appdata%” within the Home windows search bar and open it.

2. Open the .minecraft folder that seems within the listings of this Appdata folder.

3. Look for the “launcher_msa_credentials” file.

4. Proper-click the file and select “Delete.”

As soon as the file is gone, strive starting the launcher once more.

Clear Launcher Profiles

Generally Minecraft Launcher profiles can get corrupted and forestall the program from working appropriately. They’re simple to delete, and new ones can be created when you rerun the program.

Keep in mind that it's best to copy and save this folder in a special location for those who don’t need to lose your Minecraft information. At the very least, copy and save the “Saves” folder.

1. Kind “%appdata%” in the Windows search bar.

Open the %appdata% folder that seems in the listings.

Proper-click “.minecraft” and select “Delete.”

2. Click “Yes.”

As soon as you’ve accomplished the process, rerun the launcher to see whether it solved the issue.

Compatibility Mode

Some players have luck working Minecraft in compatibility mode. This forces the program to run as if it’s being hosted on an older version of Home windows. Typically using a Windows 8 possibility helps Minecraft run correctly.

1. Proper-click on on the Minecraft EXE file.

2. Choose “Properties.”

3. Choose the Compatibility tab.

4. Test the “Run this program in Compatibility mode for” field.

5. Choose “Windows 8” below.

6. Click “OK.”

Try to rerun the Minecraft Launcher. If it doesn’t work, go back in and undo the compatibility setting modifications since they didn’t fix your problem.

Reinstall the Minecraft Launcher

Fully eradicating the Minecraft Launcher ought to repair any issues with corrupt files or damaged installation. Remember to back up your Saves folder in the %appdata% .minecraft folder earlier than eradicating your program.

Uninstall Minecraft

1. Click on on the Windows start button and select “Settings.”

2. Click “Apps.”

3. Click “Apps & Features.”

4. Scroll down to find the Minecraft entry.

5. Click on on the itemizing after which click on “Uninstall.”

Observe the prompts to take away Minecraft out of your system.

Reinstall Minecraft

Recent set up a copy of Minecraft direct from the Mojang website. Never go to a 3rd party for a obtain that you can get from the source.

1. Navigate to the Minecraft download web page.

2. Minecraft servers Click “Download for Windows.”

3. Click on the downloaded file to launch the installer.

4. Click “Next” and select your installation location.

5. Click on “Next” after which select “Install.”

As soon as you’ve put in a recent copy of Minecraft, strive to start out the launcher earlier than you move your old saves into the %appdata% .minecraft folder.

Strive an alternate Launcher Option

Mojang recommends trying an alternative launcher should you can’t get the usual Minecraft Launcher to work.

Troubleshooting a Minecraft Launcher that won’t work takes a variety of trial and error, however you’ll be again in your Minecraft world quickly sufficient. Always be certain to again up your settings and save your information in order that you retain access to your character, settings, and saves.

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