Wild Magic Ch 10-12

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07 December 2021

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Dinner was fairly quiet, with mom, dad, and Annie all sending me knowing glances when they thought no one else was looking. As we finished up and cleared the table, dad finally broke the silence.

"Why don't we go to the den and have a family movie night? It's been a while since we've done that."

"Yeah!" Annie jumped up. "I'll go pick a movie." She ran into the den, conveniently leaving me behind to manage the dishes alone. I made a couple bowls of popcorn and by the time I made it to the den, I found everyone had changed into sleepwear.

Dad wore a t-shirt and pajama pants, mom wore a light robe, and Annie wore a long shirt with thigh high striped socks. I sat down the bowls and ran to change into shorts and a t-shirt.

I came back into the den, and the lights were low with the opening credits of the movie already starting. Mom lay across the couch with dad spooning behind her. Annie sat on the sofa under a blanket, and had already started in on one of the popcorn bowls.

"Hey, come sit with me," Annie called out while lifting her blanket. I sat down and she moved up next to me. She pulled me arm over her, then pressed my hand into her breast. I toyed with her already firm nipple under the blanket while the movie started.

Annie had picked a foreign film. She and mom were usually into them, but I'd never understood the appeal until the first sex scene. Annie's one hand found my dick through my shorts, and the other pressed my hand into her breast harder. Meanwhile, mom had started to gently grind against dad, and he had already untied her robe. To my surprise, mom was naked under the robe.

As the movie carried on, mom and Annie seemed to get more turned on. Dad was grinding back onto mom's ass and planting kisses along her neck, while his free hand kneeded her tits.

I dropped my arm down from her shoulder to her hip and pulled Annie to me. Her back pressed against me as I ran my hand up her thigh and under her long shirt. She parted her legs as my hand reached her pussy, and I found that she, too, was wearing nothing underneath.

Her breath caught momentarily as my finger slipped into her slick pussy. I worked into her gently as the movie carried on. She opened her legs up to give me more access. I thought for certain she was going to draw mom and dad's attention, so I looked over to them.

I saw that they had abandoned all pretense. Mom had her leg raised and was guiding dad's cock into her pussy. The very pussy that I almost fucked an hour earlier was stretching to take dad's shaft. Mom bit her lip as inch after inch of dad's cock penitrated her.

Annie had noticed, too. She rubbed her own breasts while we watched our parents fuck in front of us. Dad noticed us watching, and said, "Beth, you got me so worked up, I forgot we had an audience."

Mom started to respond, but every time she tried to talk, dad drove his dick into her, leaving only gasps coming from her mouth.

Annie seemed less in shock, and answered. "Do you blame her? Who wouldn't want that monster?" She dropped the blanket and pulled my dick free from my shorts. "I think she has the right idea."

Dad looked startled when his daughter started licking and sucking my cock, but mom dropped her leg, tightening herself around dad, and lust overtook him. He pulled mom's hair back and growled, "Did you know about this? You naughty slut, you're going to to get it now."

Mom never had a chance to answer. Dad started pounding her from behind with a feral lust. She could only gasp for air and take the pounding.

Annie sat up, still stroking my rock hard dick. She pulled off her shirt, allowing me another chance to enjoy her beautiful body. "You told me soon. I've been patient enough. It's time for you to fuck your baby sister." She lifted herself up and positioned her tight pussy over my cock.

"Are you sure this is what you want?" I asked as the tip breached her for the first time. She looked at me with a smile, and dropped her body down. She drove down hard, ripping through her hymen and plunging my dick deep inside of her.

"Aaaaahhhh!" She cried out in pain. I pulled her close and held her.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to hurt you." I tried to comfort her while I held her to me.

"Don't apologize," mom gasped out as dad slowed down on her. "She's been begging for this for weeks. She asked for my help…" She was cut off when dad grabbed her again.

"You DID know about this? Oh, it's going in your ass now." Mom gasped as dad plunged his cock into her ass, using her pussy juices as lubricant.

Annie recovered, and started kissing me while she slowly moved her body against my lap. I held her hips and started to pull her up. Using small movements, I started fucking into her gently. The initial shock was wearing off, and her pussy loosened it's grip, allowing me to slide into and out of her with more freedom.

She found her legs, finally, and started lifting her body. She stopped kissing me to look down. We both watched in awe as her pussy swallowed my dick again and again.

"This is yours. This pussy is only for you. I want you to cum inside of this pussy every chance you have." Annie whispered to me. "This pussy, this ass, and this mouth are only for you. This body is yours. I'm your slut. Forever."

"What if I find other pussies to fuck?" I asked, remembering my talk with dad earlier. "What if we want to try other people."

Still fucking me, she thought for a moment. "We can do like mom and dad. At the end of the day, this pussy is yours, and this cock is mine. Now, fuck me and claim it for yourself."

Encouraged, I pulled her tightly to me and stood up. Her body felt small and light impaled on me. Her legs wrapped around my waist and she kept fucking me while I turned to lay her on the sofa. I lifted her leg, and opened her pussy up before I began fucking deep into Annie's body.

"Oh! Oh fuck. I can feel you so deep. Fuck me harder. It's like I can feel you in my chest." Annie cried out.

"Yeah, son. Fuck her good." Dad chimed in. He and mom had changed position so they could watch us.

"Show her what a good fucking is, sweetie," Mom said, with dad's cock still deep in her ass.

I pushed into her faster, and felt her pussy walls clench around me as she had her first orgasm of the night. I pounded into her relentlessly as she rode the wave of a second, then a third.

"Cum for me. Cum in your little sister's pussy. Fill me with your seed and claim this body as your own." She demanded.

I pushed deeply into her as the dam broke. She pulled me down to her and kissed me while I emptied myself into her recently virgin womb.

We lay like that for a while, silent and breathless. Soon her hips started coming up, and I met the movement with my own, almost involuntary, movements. We began fucking again with renewed endurance.

We spent the remaining hours of the night embraced, as we fucked until our bodies gave out and we fell into a deep sleep.


I awoke knowing three things. One, I was on the floor of the den, and not in my room. Two, there were a pair of small hands pressed on my bare chest. Three, there was a tight pressure squeezing my cock.

I opened my eyes to find Annie, her hair bathed in morning sunlight, looking angelic over me. She held her eyes closed with a smile on her face, and her naked breasts were pressed together by her arms, held firmly against my chest.

She didn't seem to notice that I was awake as she blissfully impaled herself. I stayed silent as I watched this heavenly body pleasure itself with my dick. She started increasing the pace, and my hips started to rise up to meet her.

Her body tightened, pulling me deep into her as she came. It pushed me over the edge as her body drew my orgasm out of me. Her nails dug into me as her pussy milked my cock of any remaining cum.

When the wave was over, she opened her eyes. "Good morning, lover boy. I know we had an agreement, I'm just making sure I'm your first and last every day. And of course any time in between."

"Sounds good, my sexy little angel." I kissed her before she lifted off of me. My cock felt cold exposed to the cool air, after being so warm for so long. Annie still wore the long striped socks, and posed momentarily before dropping her nightgown over her naked body.

She must have noticed my disappointment, and said, "Don't be upset, silly. You can have me any time you want. Let's get some breakfast."

At breakfast, Annie chatted about her plans with friends, and dad chimed in, "Well, if you want a ride to the mall, you'd better get ready. I leave in ten minutes." She bolted from the table to get dressed, and soon she and dad were on the road.

I brought the dishes into the kitchen where mom was waiting. "Good morning, sweetie." She greeted me. I was stunned to find my mother in the kitchen wearing a small apron, and nothing else.

"Mom, you're naked," I said, quite dumbly.

She sat on the countertop, and replied, "Well, so are you." I realized my shorts still lay in a pile in the den. She removed the apron and tossed it with a flourish. "There! Now there's nothing to hide between us."

I walked up to her, and she took hold of my erect cock. She stroked it gently while she talked. "Hmm, this lovely thing and I have unfinished business, I believe." Her hands were skilled, and felt like magic on my skin.

I felt myself pulled closer to her, inch by inch. "Sweetie, do you think I'm pretty?"

"God, mom. I think you're sexy as fuck!" As I answered, she slipped the tip of my dick into her cunt.

"Sexy and pretty can mean different things. Do you think I'm pretty?" She stroked my shaft while she questioned me.

"Mom, you are pretty. You are beautiful. You are gorgeous. You are sexy. You are all of these things." As I talked, she pulled me bit by bit into her. Her cunt squeezed at me.

"Do you want to fuck me? Do you want to cum for momma?"

"I want to cum for you. I want to paint your insides with my spunk." As I answered, I felt the lust rise in me.

"I don't want you to fuck me like you fuck Annie. I'm not a delicate girl."

It wasn't going to be a problem. As I pushed deeper into her, my lust rose to animalistic levels. I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back, growling, "You want to be fucked like an animal? I'll fuck you like an animal.

I sunk my teeth into the flesh of her neck as I plunged my dick completely into her pussy. As she cried out, her pussy convulsed against me and gushed with slick juice. I pulled out of her with enough force she came forward off of the countertop, and slammed back into to her with enough force to shake the cupboards.

I pounded into her again and again, until her legs gave out and she collapsed. I dragged her back to her feet and into the dining room, some breakfast plates still at the table. I held her chin and said, "This is where your husband and children eat their meals. This is where I'm going to fuck you until you pass out. They are going to come home to find you naked, passed out, with my dried cum running down your legs. Is that what you want?"

"Yes. Yes, please. I want it so badly."

I pushed her forward and bent her over the table roughly. Dishes clattered together as I planted my cock deep into mom's cunt from behind. I drove into her until her feet started leaving the floor. Then I held her hips and pulled her back down onto me.

I fucked into her with animalistic fury. Her pussy gripped my dick as I pounded my meat into her fuck hole. Her entire body vibrated from wave after wave of orgasm while her pussy massaged my dick to unmatched levels of pleasure.

When I was with Annie, we made love. Mom was different. Mom's body demanded to be fucked, and I fucked her body with all of the primal lust I could muster.

After a bit, the moaning faded, leaving only the sounds of dishes jostling and flesh slapping. Mom's body was a limp ragdoll as I continued to fuck her across the dining room table. My orgasm had been building, and I'd been riding the edge for a while waiting for this moment.

I plunged fully into her cunt and felt release. I filled her cunt to overflowing, my cum mixing with hers as it drained out around my shaft and onto the table. I pulled out of her and her pussy gaped open, cum pooling in it.

I left mom there on the table, cum draining from her, one breast in a sticky plate of pancakes, and orange juice spilled on her hair. She was still asleep when I'd gotten dressed and headed out through the front door.


My phone blooped, and I checked it to see I had a message from Animaby_baby.

*Hey. Whatcha up to. You didn't message me yesterday.*

*sorry. i was doing family stuff. I'm free for lunch if you're down.*

We messaged back and forth and Elise and I made plans to meet at a sandwich place in her neighborhood. I headed that way, and saw Elise coming from the opposite direction. She was wearing another oversized hoodie, but her leggings showed off rather shapely legs. We headed into the shop together, ordered, and sat down.

"So, family stuff, huh? I hope it was fun, and not something boring like a board game night or movie night." She smiled while she sipped her drink.

"I don't know. Not every movie night has to be boring. It just depends on the movie, I guess." I chuckled as I answered.

"I could imagine. I bet it would be awkward watching a movie full of sex scenes and nudity with your family though."

"Yeah, I bet." I tried to change the subject. "So anime? You're not all trashy romance novels?"

"Oh, haha. Yeah. Anime, comics, novels, video games, any of it, I guess. Anything to add some excitement to the mundane. That's why I like hoodies. Big pockets!" She pulled several books and comics from her big pocket.

I leafed through them and saw one of them was titled, "My Little Sister is a Seductress," and I paused. Elise realized it and snatched it away.

https://xxxmovies.link/ "Oh my god! You weren't supposed to see that." Her face turned bright red as she tucked her books away.

I tried to calm her. "It's okay. It's okay. I'm not going to judge you. Why don't we go back to your place? You can show me more of this private collection of yours."

She hesitated, then nodded her head. "Okay, but remember, you promised not to judge."

A short walk later and we came to her house. The driveway was empty but a beat up truck was parked in the street. Elise answered without being asked, "My parents are at work, but my older brother is home."

She led me through the house, we passed a door with muffled music seeping through. A sign on the door marked it as, "Cody's Dungeon-KEEP OUT!" We came to a door covered top to bottom in stickers. It opened up to an impressive collection of filled bookshelves.

I thumbed through them, and a surprisingly good percentage of them were Manga porn, many with a big brother and little sister theme. "Elise, your collection is hinting at a pretty strong theme."

"Oh," She replied sheepishly. "I, uh, I hadn't noticed."

"Really? So does Cody know about this collection? Or should we mention it to him?" I teased.

Elise seemed blissful. "He doesn't even notice me. He has too much going on to notice his bookworm sister. He's in a band, he does photography, and he's practically guaranteed an athletic scholarship to any college he wants. I'm just the little sister with her nose buried in a book."

"So, you're really into him, huh? You can be honest. Remember, I promised not to judge."

She deflated onto her bed. "I mean, I don't think we'd ever do anything, but I'd be lying if I said I hadn't thought about it."

"How much 'thinking' have you done on it?" I probed more. She seemed to be open to talking to a practical stranger about this.

"If I'm being honest, I've done a LOT of thinking about it. I've even masturbated to the thought a few times."

"What if I could help?" I asked flatly. I'd been using and abusing my magic for my own gain. Why not help Elise? It would give me a chance to practice it more, as well.

"How could you help?" She jumped up and looked hopeful but skeptical.

I pulled her face to mine and kissed her lips. "You've just got to come with me and have some faith."

I took her hand and led her to Cody's door. I knocked sharply, and after a moment the music turned down and the door opened. In the doorway stood the object of Elise's desire, her brother Cody.

"Hi, you don't know me, but I'm a friend of Elise, here. She said you were a photographer, and I just had to check it out." I turned my charm up to 100% as I continued. "Can I come in and see your setup?"

"Yeah, of course. Are you a photographer, too?" He stepped back and invited us in. His photography equipment took up easily half of what was already a pretty large bedroom.

"Me? I don't have a setup like this, but I've always found it a fascinating subject," I lied. I had no real interest in photography, but this was for Elise, so I let the charm roll out. "I'd like to see this stuff in action. If that's okay."

"Sure. I'd just need a subject."

"Who could we get to pose for some pictures?" I asked, then kicked Elise in the ankle.

"Ouch, erm, I mean, I could do it!" She volunteered maybe a little too enthusiastically. "Uh, if that's okay, Cody."

Cody started switching on lighting and equipment. "Yeah, sure. Just stand here…"

He started directing and taking pictures while talking about lenses, lighting, and other techniques. I butted in, "All of this stuff just seems wasted on a bulky gray hoodie, you think?"

He seemed to ponder, then agreed. "Elise, mind taking off the hoodie?"

"Well, I could, it's just that…" Her answer trailed off as she mumbled.

"Just that what?"

Embarrassed, she answered again. "I'm not wearing anything underneath it."

I jumped in, "That's not a big deal, right? We're all friends here. It's in the name of art."

Elise nodded, then pulled the hoodie over her head. Concealed under that shapeless gray mass was a lovely, if a little plump, figure. Her breasts swayed with her movement, and she hid her nipples behind her hands.

I leaned over to her and whispered, "You have to relax and trust me. I'm here to help you with your Cody problem." Then louder to Cody I asked, "So what lighting would you use for her skin tone?"

As he talked and photographed, Elise seemed to loosen up and relax. I could tell seeing his sister topless was having an effect on Cody. I tried to push a little further.

"So what would you use for full nudity?"

Elise said, "Full nudity? That would mean…"

Cody was quick to get on board. "Yeah, I mean, we're siblings. Big deal, right?"

Elise was not completely convinced, so I asked, "Woulld it help if Cody were nude, too? Would that put you at ease?"

Like a lightening bolt, Elise finally realized my plan. More confidently she answered, "Yeah. I think that would definitely help. You strip, too, Cody."

He quickly complied with her demand, and stood before her wearing only his camera. He had a fit, athletic body, which complimented her softer form. She pulled down her leggings to expose her plump ass and shapely thighs. Her vagina was shaved smooth and her hips flared out nicely.

Cody seemed stunned. With a wink to Elise, I asked, "Would it he okay if I took a few?" As I removed the camera from around his neck. He stared as I directed Elise, each pose a bit more sultry than the last. She maintained her lock on Cody the entire time.

Moment of truth time. "Cody, maybe you could pose with Elise. You know, for art." At first I directed him, step by step, as the photos became more intimate. I could almost feel their inhibitions crumble away. I stopped talking and just photographed them, though I wasn't sure they were even aware I was there anymore.

Cody tenderly kissed Elise, while she grinded her clit on his hip. Her hand found his cock at she tugged at it, pushing her brother to the edge. He faced her and looked down at her stroking his dick.

"Uhn. Ooooh." He gasped as his seed splashed across his sister's stomach. She pulled him in and guided his still hard cock into her pussy. He squeezed her nipples between his fingers as she pulled him deeper into her.

Only when their pubic bones met did she stop pulling him in. She relaxed her grip on him and he pulled out partway. His hips moved like a locomotive, slowly at first, and building speed.

Elise gasped and bit her lip as her fantasy was becoming reality. She watch in awe as Cody worked his cock into her deepest reaches.

I kept clicking the camera as his body flexed with each deep thrust into his sister's pussy. Elise started crying out and her body shook as Cody brought her to climax. His body began clenching as he plunged into her, filling her body with his incestuous spunk.

As they lay there panting, I asked, "Hey, mind if I make a copy of these? For art?" Cody just nodded a thumbs up, and I transfered the SD card's contents to my phone.

I left them in post-coital bliss, and as I stepped out of the front door, a flash of blue appeared on my phone screen. Dick the fairy waved hello.

"So, did you see what you wanted to see?" I asked.

"Hell yeah, man. That was fucking awesome fucking. And I knew that she was hiding a hot body under all that bulky cloth. I owe you, man."

"Okay," I chuckled. "So I have to ask. How did I know all of that shit about cameras and lighting? I've never studied photography."

"That's easy. The wild magic doesn't always just make folks go along with what you want. It also helps you know what to say to convince them. That's why you fucked Annie like she's your princess, but you left Beth in a pile of cum and dirty dishes. They both wanted something different, and you gave it to them. Wild magic, man."

"Makes sense. Seems like all of your answers are some variation of 'wild magic is wild.' On the subject, not that I'm complaining, but what is up with my sexual stamina? It's insane!"

Dick looked worried. "I'm not sure your going to like the answer, but here goes. Wild magic is wild, bro."

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