What YouTube to MP4 converter application helped my school get its graduation ce

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25 June 2022

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There's been a lot of discussion about the legitimacy and legality of downloading Youtube videos and converting to offline files that you can store on your laptop. youtube video download I've been following and following the big development in which some online mp3 converters are under scrutiny and being taken to court for helping users across the globe however, I would like to tell you the details of my own personal story. I'm not encouraging anyone else to do what I do, but I see no negative consequences from what I've done I can even see the benefit of "DVR-ing" videos off Youtube and then watching them later..

I am the benefit. I was able to complete my Bachelors in college degree online within just three years. It included two part-time and night jobs, and also being a full-time worker to support my family. This is not about Devry, or any other popular online college. I went to my local college and had no special programs and no extra treatment. I paid like others and got help from state same like others.... To keep it short, here's what did to cut down on my time to study..

One of my two jobs was mostly spent sitting and occasionally walking around the area to ensure that everything was in order.. It was true, it was a glorified security job. I enjoyed it and also had plenty of time. So I began bringing books to work, and I also began reading school material. It's funny that online school works 24hrs a day, which meant I could work on my projects and submit them to my professors at 3 o'clock in the morning. I learned that the vast majority of those lectures were on Youtube/Vimeo, hiding under special titles that didn’t allow for foot access. Only those with access to the URLs knew what was in the videos.

Before I left for work, I copied the videos onto my laptop. Internet was slow at times, cause of remote locations for workplace sites. In order for proper study sessions I had the entire video stored on my laptop before I left for work, otherwise a few of these sessions would be lost due to a block in work when internet went away, or never came.. This is where the YouTube to mp4 is a free online converter came in handy. Copy the Youtube URL into my laptop's memory, and then paste it there. Then I would go to the converter site and click the submit button. I would then be presented with various download options. The options were arranged alphabetically by size , and audio. I could convert the Youtube video into mp3 files, or continue until the Mp4 converter appears and offers seberal video mp4 options for downloading files.

I found that having lecture notes on my laptop made it easier to maximize my time off the grid. Now here I am, a Bachelor of IT student who graduated on average two semesters faster than anyone else. I'm hoping that my next job gives me the opportunity to continue learning. It's very rewarding.

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