A Reasonable Deal (Pt. 2)

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11 December 2021

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John's continued exploitation of his secretary, along with a new idea's formation...

A Reasonable Deal (Pt. 2)

Chapter 1

“How'd work go B?” Jim asked.

“It was good. Um, its amazing actually, John gave me a raise,” Bianca replied, with not nearly enough enthusiasm for the occurrence. Dammit. I just jacked off my boss, and now I have to have a conversation with my husband about how awesome my boss is. This is going to suck.

“That's.....nice....” Jim said...but the look on his face darkened a little. “I'm not a huge fan of charity though.” He probably was eying Bianca's ass as she walked out the door, the little prick. Fucking charity.

“JIM! John talked about how I'm good at coordinating appointments, keeping records, helping to organize...and....and other stuff that I do. He was very clear it wasn't just charity. He had been thinking about giving me a raise for awhile. It's not even that much.” Strange. Now I'm feeling defensive about John. He clearly wasn't doing it to just be nice, or because of my merits (well, maybe my physical merits), but I don't want to hear John complain when he has no idea what I just did for him. For us.

“Whatever Bianca, that's great to hear...I guess (sarcastic tone).” Jim was a man's man. He had worked construction his whole life. He went into business for himself, did pretty well at that, and had accepted help from no one. He had the hottest wife for miles. Good kids. Nice house. The last thing he wanted was some, young, college-educated whiz-kid prick to be feeling kind enough to help Jim out, by giving money to his wife. It wasn't a happy situation in general. He'd like to sit his wife down on his dick, just to establish some sort of feeling of control, but the medications and pain killers he was on rendered his penis limp and useless. Life sucked.

“Hey mom, hey dad.” Jamie was their 17 year old daughter. She attended a private highschool, and, after her dad's accident, had picked up a job at a grocery store to help with bills. It wasn't easy with all the homework, but she had been doing okay. Jim and Bianca smiled at her, but their smiles betrayed that an unpleasant conversation had just occurred, and Jamie picked up on it. Her parents were always having those.

“Hey Jamie, how was school? And you have work today?” Bianca inquired.

“Actually, I quit work at the store.” Jim and Bianca stopped suddenly and turned towards her:

“What??” they said, in unison.

“Wait, wait,” Jamie said, annoyed by their startled looks, which she knew would be followed by an assumption that she was lazy and didn't want to do what she had to for the family, etc, etc, etc blah blah blah. “Its not what you think. Gosh. My friend's mom has a business, like, cleaning houses, and she hired me. It pays way more, and the hours are more flexible, and, like, I wouldn't have to work as much so I could study more,” she said all this with a slight roll of the eyes. She was always glad for a chance to one up her parents. In her teenage mind, she was in a constant, epic battle with her parents, to show them how competent, knowledgeable, and grown-up she was. A true war for independence.

In her parents' mind, she was just another teenager with an attitude, which of course was the truth. “Well, sounds like a good set up Jamie. I hope everything goes well. Good job finding some good work. I hope its not too hard” Jim said.

“nah, its nothing compared to what you do daddy,” Jamie said, while leaning over to give him a kiss. She was definitely her mother's daughter. She was wearing jeans that were torn and patched up (professionally, and fashionably, which meant they were far more expensive than normal jeans), but fit her curves perfectly, and showed, through holes on the thighs and just under her butt, perfectly tanned skin. She also had on a tight, white, patterned t-shirt that accentuated her young curves. Her b-cup breasts brushed against her dad's shoulder as she leaned over, and her dark hair fell over his face for a moment.

She better be careful around the guys, Jim thought, They're going to be all over her for sure. But we've already had that conversation.

She bounced away, happy to have won what she perceived to be a battle in her love-hate relationship with her parents. Bianca went to make dinner, and Jim sat on the couch watching football.

Chapter 2

Bianca came into the office first the next day. She was wearing a flowery, but fashionable blouse, with a little cleavage exposed, and a black skirt that went down past her knees. She was hoping to keep her appearance conservative to try and stem the tide of her young boss' lust.

When John walked in, he smiled, said, “good morning Bianca!” And went into his office. He couldn't believe what had happened the day before, with his complete indulgence in his married secretary's bosoms. He smiled to himself. Life was great. But, he had to concentrate and get work done.

The day went by pretty quickly, and John didn't force himself on Bianca at all. Towards the end of the day, and after the last of his appointments, he called her into his office. Bianca, naturally nervous, quietly came in. John looked at her for a second, then beckoned her to come over closer to him, as he was sitting behind his desk. Bianca came over and stood next to him.

“Alright Bianca, I know what happened yesterday was pretty crazy...”

“No kidding,” Bianca said, then stayed quiet to hear what he had to say.

“Well, I enjoyed myself, and I was thinking of doing the same thing today, but I had work to get done, and while I was working, I thought to myself, I don't just want to play with Bianca's boobs today, I want to talk.” John was being honest. She was hot and all, but was he just going to play with her boobs, maybe have her jack him off now and then? He kind of wanted to talk to her. Find out more about her. “But of course, the boobs are definitely going to have to be involved,” he said, with another of his smiles that were more fun-loving then creepy. As he smiled he put his hands on her hips and started to move her towards the desk, which she sat down on.

“I don't know John. I guess my breasts are fine if you want to have fun with them, but lets just keep it at that....yesterday you touched me...well...between the legs, and I wasn't comfortable with that at all.”

“Really?” John replied, the fun-loving smile back, “I'm pretty sure you came as soon as I grabbed your pussy.”

“It was a physical reaction John! I tried to go home and talk to my husband and it was so awkward! If it goes too far he'll know. I'm sure even my daughter will be able to tell something's up. I'm a terrible liar, and...”

John wanted to change the conversation, this wasn't good for her to be reflecting on this element of her family finding out.... “Your daughter? She's in private school right? And working? How's all that going?” He was also tired of waiting. His hands started to work their way up her body towards her breasts, unbuttoning her blouse, with the clear intent of removing her bra.

Oh here we go again. He's going for my boobs, and when he does he'l......OH....yeah, he'll grab them like that and..........oh.............this is crazy........... As he happily groped her breasts, she continued the conversation about her daughter. It was weird talking about her family to the man who was molesting her. “Jamie quit the job.....um........at the store.........and, well.......geez, you sure like.....oh.......well, she's working at.......um...........my..... nipple........”

“Ha!” John chuckled, “she's working at your nipple? Um, pretty sure that's what I'm doing,” as he gave her right nipple another little pinch.

Bianca giggled a little nervously, and then said, “well, you sure are......but.....Jamie's at a housecleaning service called Maria's Clean House or something.....and.....hmmm....”

His mouth closed over her nipple again and he sucked softly on it, while kneading her other breast. “I hope your husband didn't notice all the marks on your boobs....” he queried, noticing how much damage had been done the previous day, in hickeys and bruises.

“No, thankfully I'm not even naked around him that much....the medications keep him not in the mood” she said, with a sigh, as John nuzzled her bosoms and licked them.

This is an interesting development, John thought, she's under-sexed......okay......fuck this, she needs a job, I'm going for it.

“Alright, you're not getting fucked for awhile, but I think you need to be pleasured, so, bend over the desk Bianca.”

Bianca was topless again, and again in just a skirt. John stood her up, and when he made the demand, she became concerned....I am NOT going to let him have sex with me. Then why am I letting him turn me around like this...and....god his hands are so strong and....oh.....now he's bending me over the desk......must stop this...

“John!!! This is not okay! Stop now! I said....uh,” his hand was unzipping then pulling down her skirt, exposing her white panties, which were already damp from the attention payed to her breasts. She was bent over the desk but looked back at him angrily, “Really John, I'm going to leave if you.....you....JOHN!!” He yanked her panties down, and she immediately stood straight up, completely naked, her flawless ass in John's face, an alarmed look on her face. He stood up too, directly behind her. “If you rape me John, seriously, I won't......uh.....” he had now wrapped his arms around her, and was caressing her tits and stomach as he kissed her gently on the back of the neck, biting softly at her shoulders.

“John.....please, I have to leave now. This can't happen.”

John payed her no heed and continued to kiss and grope. He slowly went to his knees kissing down her back, and as he did so he pushed her, gently indicating that she should bend over....then with a little more force, indicating that she didn't have a choice. As she bent over the desk, his kisses started to brush the top of her ass, and his hands were running over her sides, up and down her ribs....it felt amazing for her. The only sounds in the room were the sound of John's wet kisses, along with whispered protest from Bianca: “no John.........no............no.................please.........ohhhh” There was a wet smacking sound from his tongue and lips indulging themselves on her skin, and soft mewls and sighs from her as he stroked her body. Her pussy was soaked.

As his mouth reached the top of her ass, he began licking down the crack, with occasional kisses being placed on her cheeks. She stiffened a little as his tongue made its way down her ass, and Bianca had a sharp intake of breath as his tongue glided by her anus. His tongue then kept traveling down her ass. Oh god, I didn't know what he was going to do with my butthole, I guess he's not that much of a perv. This is incredible. I didn't know somebody could feel this way, and.....wait.....he's bringing his tongue back up my butt......oh......there he stopped....OH.......he bit me in.....the butt....he.....oh my god.........he's circling my butthole with his tongue.......it feels...........it feels.........

His tongue was circling her anus indeed, and as his hands joined his face at her ass, he grabbed a hold of her cheeks softly, spread them, and began licking and tonguing her asshole. “Oh, John......that's.......disgusti.......ohhhhh........what are you do.........oh god that's........oh...its......”

His hands kept methodically squeezing and pulling apart her buttcheeks. Her ass was definitely getting worked over.

He decided to keep going down. His kisses traveled back down her ass, lingered in the spot between her ass and genitalia, and his hands were used to spread her legs a little wider. He looked down and saw her pussy lips just waiting for him. She was completely clean. Brazilian wax? Well, her parents were brazilian weren't they? Ha all the better to lick you with my dear....... John thought to himself.

Bianca knew what was coming, but even as she was dealing with the uneasiness of having her boss first licking her anus, then staring at her genitalia from close proximity, she was taken completely by surprise as her boss's lips began kissing the insides of her thighs, and around her pussy, and finally closed on her lips, gently sucking them into his mouth.

“OOOhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.......” Bianca exclaimed as her pussy slowly began to be eaten by John. His lips released hers, and his tongue began running up and down the length of her slit. He was licking up her juices, of which there was plenty. John found he liked the taste, fortunately, and quickly developed quite a hunger for it. He started licking harder, pushing his tongue into her hole. As his tongue violated her, Bianca, with no clear exit strategy, began trying to move away from his mouth, but the desk was in her way, and quickly his hands grabbed a hold of her hips, and pulled her back to his waiting mouth. His lips closed on her pussy lips again, and got a firm grasp on them. Grunting in pleasure, as though eating a perfect steak, John moved his head from side to side slightly, her lips being pulled this way, then that, as he sucked on them.

“AAAHHHhhhhhhh...........oohhhh.............ohhhh...............” God this feels.......like......ohhhhhhh.......this....is...................perfect...............perfec...ohhhhhh........now he's....god, he's chewing on them.................................ohhhhh....chewing me.....eating me.....licking........ohhhhh

John decided to go after her clit. Turning around, so that he was facing the opposite direction of his increasingly horny secretary, John went back between her legs and found what he was looking for. His tongue circled it briefly, before going over it, to the great delight of Bianca, and his lips closed on the small button. “OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YES!!!” she exclaimed.

John's hands went to her ass and grabbed hold firmly, making sure she didn't go anywhere, and brought her pussy down to grind against his face as he licked, sucked, and slurped all over her clit.

He's eating my........my clit is............dog going to.............appointment...... At this point, nothing she thought made any sense, it was all her brain could do to handle the pleasure. And then his fingers went to work. One hand's middle finger started playing with her asshole, still wet from the tonguing it had received, the other hand's thumbs started running over her pussy slit, and both at the same time, gently pushed into her....It was chaos in her mind.

“AAHHH, OOHHHH, GAHHHHHHHHHHH, AIIIIIIIIIIEEEEE” she screamed as her pussy creamed all over John's face. The double penetration of her with his fingers continued, and deepened.


She writhed and moved over him, finally standing upright quickly, but he continued his assault, and her knees began to shake. As he sucked, she tried to push his head away, the feelings were too intense. It felt so good it hurt. John didn't care. He continued, increased suction. She gave up fighting and slumped back over the desk, standing on tip toe, her hands grabbing the edges of the desk with white knuckles, her eyes closed as she lay head down on the hard wood. Her asshole and pussy were twitching.

Finally John stopped. He pulled his fingers out of her. His mouth was exhausted. His face was soaked with her juices. His hands were covered in her cum. His cock was rock hard.

Chapter 3

Bianca lay there for a few moments, not moving. blackpornamateurs.com Her mind gradually beginning to function again. She turned to her boss. Again, feeling awkward. She heard a zipper being undone, and she knew he was pulling his cock out, without looking down. “Please John. I won't have sex with you. That....it felt good....but I can't have your penis in me.....you understand that John.”

“First of all, Bianca, stop calling it my 'penis.' It's my cock. Secondly, I pleasured you, you pleasure me.”

Hoping he was referring to another handjob, she reached for his member.

“No Bianca,” he said firmly, as he placed his hands on her shoulders and started pushing down, forcing her to her knees, “You're going to suck to my cock.”

noo, I can't do this.....its too much. This should be for...oh....now I'm on my knees......I shouldn't....oh its huge. It is huge. I should get up and leave. But where else will I work, I.......oh! Hey! He's......he's....weirdo....slapping me with his.....oh!

This was awesome. John was thoroughly enjoying the complete sense of power that accompanied having a 37 year old woman on her knees in front of him, as his employee, that he was slapping in the face with his cock. She turned away to the left....*slap* she turned to the right, *slap*. Then he was tapping her forehead with it, rubbing her face, leaving a little trail of precum.

“I don't know John...its....its......so big I don't know if I can....”

“Play with my balls again, and stroke it” John commanded, and she did so. “What do you mean, 'too big'? Haha am I bigger than your husband?” John was delighted by the prospect. Her husband was a blue-collar, construction working guy. John was an academic and an accountant. Here was Jim's wife, on her knees, saying that she couldn't suck his cock because it was too big.

There was silence from Bianca as she jacked him.

“Bianca. Am I bigger than your husband? Is my cock longer?

“yes,” Bianca said, quietly.

“How much smaller is it?”

She indicated that it was about half his size.

“Ha, well, I think you can do it. Lick it, kiss it, do something.”

Holding his large cock, she began licking the sides, then kissing it here and there, awkwardly, trying to avoid the precum. Soon enough she gave up, and started licking up the discharge.

He doesn't taste bad, but........wow, this is going to be a challenge. Maybe if I just jack him off a little, he'll orgasm without having to go in my mouth....maybe I'lll....

She didn't get to finish the thought. He took her head in his hands, and slowly guided his cock into her mouth. She opened wide and sure enough, it fit in. She started sucking.

The warmth of her mouth, the soft feeling of her tongue, and her gentle hands squeezing his balls and shaft was heavenly. She applied more suction, and John groaned. She began bobbing her head a little, to see if she could get more in, which she could. Slowly his cock began disappearing into her mouth. She pulled it out almost all the way, and focused her tongue on his hole, she licked around it, even pushed in a little. John's sighs told her she was doing well. Then she went back to sucking deep.

John's knees were feeling weak, he pulled out of her mouth, leaving Bianca to softly smack her lips, and in a very cute way brush the saliva and cum away from her mouth with her hand, then he beckoned to her, and she leaned forward and continued her task. She felt strangely about the situation. She was enjoying the taste of his cock, of his cum. There was a strange eroticism to her submission. She felt taken, controlled, violated. The power of this young man over her made the violation seem necessary. She felt like a slave, but like a mother, like a victim, but like a follower. Her emotions were as chaotic when she pleasured him as her brain had been when he'd pleasured her.

John sat back and reveled in the moment. The room was quiet except for the gentle sucking sounds coming from the woman between his legs. He looked around at his office, then looked down at the gorgeous brunette, head moving up and down in his lap.

*slurp...............slurp.......smack, slurp.................gulp, smack...........slurp..............smack.....gulp.


He could have gone for awhile, but he almost had a decision element to his orgasm. He got the distinct desire to fill this woman's mouth with his seed. He had accomplished so much, so quickly in life. And the same drive that propelled him to accomplish all his other goals filled him at the moment. He grabbed her head, firmly, but not harshly, with one hand, then batted away her hand from his shaft, allowing for the one on his balls to stay, and replaced it with his own. He began pushing his cock down her throat. There were no questions or challenges, she could say nothing even if she'd wanted to as he was filling her mouth. Slowly but surely his cock began to be forced down her throat. There were small, panicked twitches from Bianca: a shift of her leg, a soft choke, a stiffening, then relaxing of her spine. It was almost like seeing a National Geograhic video of two animals mating, or a large insect overpowering another. It was raw.

Her mouth stretched open to try and accept the intruder. John's cock was deep in her throat now, her hand had released his balls by then, and both her hands were grabbing hold of his thighs as he pushed his cock into her.

Finally his balls reached her chin. He slowly pulled back out, and after he exited her mouth, she choked and gasped for air, he gave her just a moment, and then took her by the head and proceeded to do the same thing again. Again his cock pushed its way down her throat, and she struggled to breath and to suck, and to accept. He withdrew a second time, only to follow with a third journey down her throat. The struggles became less. Her throat started to accustom itself to the invasion. After cramming his cock down her throat a fourth time, John steadied himself, spreading his legs slightly, as though he had to lift some great weight, or ready himself for a difficult job of some kind. Bianca continued to suck on his cock, his balls were heavy with cum, and he was ready to empty them.

He took her head, whispered a warning to keep her teeth clear, and then began thrusting into her mouth. Gently, but forcefully, his cock entered and exited his secretary's mouth with ease. A sloppy, wet sound filled the office as John happily fucked the woman's mouth. She grabbed his legs and steadied herself, trying to accept the boss as best she could. His thrusting increased in speed. His intensity grew. The grip on her head tightened.

Bianca felt the tensing of his hands, she felt his cock expanding slightly, the drizzle of precum increasing to a more and more steady rate....finally.....he pulled his cock to just being in her mouth, and....

His cock exploded. John cried out “AHAHAH AGH!!!”

The cum shot out forcefully, slamming against the back of her throat! “Agh” Bianca choked, as she attempted to swallow what he began to deposit, in great amounts, in her mouth. One shot followed after another, and another. Copious amounts of cum began to fill her mouth as John groaned and moaned his pleasure. Bianca was a good sport, and did a good job swallowing everything John had to give, which was a lot. In fact she loved it.

“mmmmmmm” her eyes were closed as she sucked and sucked on John's cock. As soon as he came his cock grew in sensitivity, and instinctively he tried to push her away, but, maybe due to what he had done with her orally, or maybe not, she disregarded his weak attempts at escape, and buried her face in his lap, sucking directly on the tip of his cock.....driving him crazy with pain/pleasure/and lust. His legs were sticking straight out, his hands were all over her head and face, and she was focused on his cock.

She eventually let his cock rest, and kissed her way up and down his shaft. For the next half hour, the both of the stayed there. John gently playing with her hair, touching her neck, reaching down to her breasts, holding her hand, and Bianca just quietly knelt in front of him, lightly sucking, nibbling, kissing, and licking his softening member.

She came to reality eventually, and said quietly, “I need to get back to my husband....” Standing up, she walked over to her discarded clothing and began redressing. “You know, I'm not going to divorce my husband, mess up my childrens' lives and marry you. I know you probably don't even want me. I won't be this hot when you're 37.”

“This is our arrangement Bianca. That's all it is.”

“Our arrangement was for you to look at my breasts. Now look what's happened.”

“Look, we both enjoyed it. I like you, and I like having you as my secretary, and I like paying you well too. I'll try to take care of you, but you should stop talking about our 'arrangement' like its some contractual thing. Its not sexy. I'll see you tomorrow. Get the paperwork for tomorrow's appointments ready for my review tomorrow too. I'm out.”

Bianca got dressed and went back to her desk. John was out the door a minute later. Then he popped his head back in the front door and smiled at Bianca. “Good job sucking a cock so much bigger than your husband's by the way.”

Bianca gave him a stare that could kill, and he shut the door and went his way.

Getting home, John looked at his somewhat messy house. He got a three bedroom, 2 bath place that was bigger than he needed, but, heck, he made enough. He looked around, and got an interesting idea. He got online, looked up, “Maria's Clean House” and sure enough, there it was. He proceeded to give Maria a call.

“Hey Maria, do you have a Jamie that just started working for you?..... You do? I'm her mother's boss, and they've been having a rough time lately....... Yes....Bianca................. So you heard about that............. Yeah, its rough. Well, I'm trying to help out when I can....maybe I could have Jamie come clean my house regularly? …...I'm terrible at housecleaning. Haha yes. I could tip her pretty regularly too, which might be cool. Bianca's a great worker, and I figure her daughter is the same.........Awesome! I hope it will work out...........just send her my way.....I'll give you my address...........”

To be continued...

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