02nd July 2021 - Paste Expiry, Sticky Options & Help Buttons

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02 July 2021

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As promised, today we have a new update, including a much requested feature:

Paste Expiry.
You can now set your pastes to expire at any time in the future by giving a number and a timescale. By default it will be set to off for a paste that never expires.

Submit Page Redesign
We've redesigned the submit page to work better on mobile and to look nicer.
This did mean we have to move a few items into the 'More Options' button, so if you're looking for link options and referrer info, they're still available! Just tap the 'More Options' button to expand them.
We also chose a new font for the entire site.

Help Buttons
We added help buttons to every option on the submit page! They explain what each option does, and many of them recommend which option you should chose depending on your goal.

Better Error Messages
We repositioned and rewrote the errors on the submit page, to help you if you didn't fill everything in correctly. For example if you selected Private visibility but didn't add an access password.

Sticky Options
Are you someone that creates a lot of pastes in a short time? Now the options you set will stay as they were in between submissions. Hopefully this saves you some time!

Edit Codes Can Now Be Smaller
Edit codes (previously named passcodes) now only need to be 20 characters in length. We have to make them be this long otherwise some users might both use the same edit code and due to the paste linking system, would be a major security risk.

We're still doing everything we can to get Facebook to work properly again and will update here as soon as we have more information. Please make use of the TEMP facebook sharing button if you need to until we have a proper resolution. We expect that everything will be back to normal with Facebook in the next few weeks.

Here's our latest news report on the Facebook situation: https://pastelink.net/2zc7p

Next up: a MASSIVE update that will firmly establish Pastelink as a key tool for everyone to use.

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