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Paste links and text together

Write text, web addresses or a mixture of the two and publish your creation.

All web addresses will be converted to hyperlinks automatically. Just separate them with a space or a new line.

After you press publish, a page will be created with your content - copy and share the address to let others see it too!

This site is Some other good sites include, and!

Collapse links down

Collapse all hyperlinks to references, icons or numbers. Prevent unsightly URLS within text and allow readers to focus on content.

References will be collapsed down to numbers and the full addresses will be listed below the body of your text.

This site is [1]. Some other good sites include [2], [3] and [4] !

1 -
2 -
3 -
4 -

Edit anonymously

Provide an edit code with a submission and use it to edit anytime. This edit code will be one-way encrypted then shown to all readers - use the same code again to anonymously link authorship!

There is no way to reverse this encrytion process - someone would have to guess your edit code. The edit code you give must be at least 40 characters for security, or allow us to randomly create one for you.




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Prevent linked websites from seeing your post

Normally websites can see where their visitors came from. Optionally force all links to redirect through Google, effectively hiding your post from view.

Redirection example
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