8th October 2021 - Facebook Sharing & Longer Logins

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08 October 2021

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New Page: Facebook Sharing Guide

We've just added a Facebook sharing guide, to show all the ways you're able to share your pastes on Facebook. The recommended way is to use the [F] button in your sharing panel.
See the guide here: https://pastelink.net/facebook-sharing-guide

Longer Logins

You'll now stay logged in on your device for 3 months, rather than a few hours. If you're on a public device, make sure you log out when you're finished!

Better Security

We've switched the auto generated URLs to be randomised and a little longer.

New Languages

French, Portuguese and Vietnamese are now fully supported on Pastelink! If your language didn't switch automatically, be sure to switch it using the flags in the menu.

Captcha Help

If your captcha does not load, you'll now see a helpful guide to getting past that. We also created a new page just for trying to load the captcha - you can complete it there and return to your other page (refresh if you did it on a new tab!) and you won't be asked for a captcha again. https://pastelink.net/captcha-only

Pastelink Poll

We'd love to hear from you! There's a lot of new features being added soon, but we'd like to know which to add first. Vote in the first Pastelink Poll on the submit page, or on your account page:

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